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Saw - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IT IS being hailed as one of the most original serial killer thrillers since Se7en, and is set to make a name for its young director, James Wan, a native Australian who could well emerge as one of the most exciting prospects of the year.

Saw is an intricate tale about a viciously intelligent game being executed by a criminal genius, who is keen to teach his victims the value of life.

When the lead character, Adam, regains consciousness at the beginning of the film, after nearly being drowned at the bottom of a bathtub, he finds himself chained to a rusty pipe inside a dark torture chamber.

But there is someone with him - namely, Dr Lawrence Gordon, who has also just regained consciousness, and is chained to the opposite side of the space.

Between them a man is lying in a pool of blood after apparently shooting himself in the head with the pistol in his hand.

Adam and Dr Gordon must therefore piece together the clues left behind by the deranged criminal mind that has brought them together and finally realise that they, too, must make a seemingly impossible set of choices for their lives - beginning with the saw that is lying within reach for the both of them.


Far from being just about the victims in question, however, the remit of the killer extends far wider, encompassing all aspects of both Adam and Dr Gordon's life - while on the outside, a no-less stable detective is attempting to fit together the pieces that the killer is leaving in his bloody wake.

The enticing premise debuted at this year's Sundance Film Festival, where it went down a storm.

Critics and viewers hailed it as a disturbing and highly memorable piece, that stays with you long after it has finished.

It stars Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Leigh Whannell, Tobin Bell and Michael Emerson.

Wan, who describes himself in interviews as a mild-mannered sort of guy who doesn't necessarily rate horror as his favourite gentre, is a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.

He has previously directed a number of shorts and music videos in his native country, and has also served in a number of production capacities, including director, segment producer, editor, and title sequence designer.

Yet Saw could mark his arrival in Hollywood in a big way. The next David Fincher anyone?

The film opens in the UK in October.

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