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S Club: Seeing Double (PG)

Review by: Lucy Hayes

S CLUB have partied and got the T-shirt, so with new realms to conquer, they attempt to wow the fans and get them to 'reach' into their piggybanks to witness their movie debut!

Seeing Double, directed by renowned music video, film and documentary maker, Nigel Dick, is basically an extended S Club TV series episode, initially set in cultural Barcelona, before moving to the sun-drenched, bleach bum setting of Los Angeles.

It features the gang, minus deserter and converted rock rebel, Paul, and, surprisingly, the Juniors in a crusade to discover the mystery behind the belly-buttonless clones that they see on TV in Barcelona, who are impersonating them on a supposedly live tour in Los Angeles.

En route to reclaiming back their roles, they get involved in all the usual fun and frolics, lots of bright outfits, the requisite singing and dancing and an amateur, good-versus-evil, light-hearted comedic plot - which comes across like a combination of Spiceworld: The Movie and Austin Powers. It is no coincidence, then, that writer, Kim Fuller, did actually pen the Spice Girls' Big Screen adventure.

The S Clubbers play two roles; themselves and their robotic, 'manufactured' and naïve clones, which 'Clone master', Victor, has created as part of an evil plan to overtake the minds of the world's youth by cloning and controlling their pop icons!

This is nothing more than a musical showcase opportunity for S Club to perform their 'hits,' which the fans will love. Highlights include a clever jail breakout sequence, while singing and dancing to 'Don't Stop Movin', and a whimsical rendition of 'Never Had A Dream Come True' by Jo, while the others touchingly bond with their clones by teaching them to dance, eat, drink and burp.

While the majority of the film contains some cringe-inducing attempts at humour, there are a few laugh-out-loud moments. Notably, when Jo protests, 'I don't want to be Essex Terrier', to her designated walky-talky code-name, while attempting to invade a mansion, and a scene where the S Clubbers and clones sit at a table admist a mass of celeb clones, including Michael Jackson, Elton John, Britney Spears, Madonna and, of course, Mr Gareth Gates!

No doubt, the males in the audience will appreciate the S Club ladies' many outfits, the shower scenes in the film and credit clips and the leather-clad Dominatrix woman.

Seeing Double is one of many films we've seen before and part of a whole line of films that bands make at some point in their careers; some with more plot and music substance than others. At the top end of the scale are the likes of The Beatles' and Monkees' films, while at the bottom end is this and Spiceworld. Blue and Westlife shouldn't get any ideas.

The film is solely for true S Club and pop music fans only, who'll, no doubt, thoroughly enjoy seeing their 'idols' on the Big Screen. Young fans, in particular, will be in stitches as the humour seems to be aimed at them. The rest of the population should look to have a party somewhere else!

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