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Shanghai Knights - Owen Wilson Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

OWEN Wilson talks about performing underwater stunts, working with Jackie Chan and his next project, Starsky and Hutch, during the London press conference for Shanghai Knights recently. Scroll down to find out what he had to say...

Q: In Shanghai Knights we discover that your forte is for underwater stunts. Tell us about that?
Owen Wilson: I grew up near the ocean and I am pretty comfortable in water. Even though I don’t think of myself as very great at the action stuff I would give myself credit for that one scene in which I felt I was a little stronger than Jackie. For some reason I was more comfortable than Jackie.
Jackie Chan: I am not good with water. I am scared of water. It makes me uncomfortable, I don’t know why. That was when we had three days of very difficult scenes. We were hanging upside down and it was really tough. I would throw up. You would get a headache.

Q: Do you ever wonder or worry about whether Jackie is going to make it through a movie?
OW: I don’t worry that much about Jackie making it through, he has made it this far. I know that when Jackie did the barge scene, that took two weeks and I went back to Los Angeles and when he did the revolving doors I went to Amsterdam. So I look forward to the stunts being as elaborate and drawn-out as possible because it gives me a chance to catch my breath.
JC: I remember when I was doing the market fight for six days, suddenly Owen showed up, “Hi Jackie!” I told him not to go away because I had a shot for him. Then he did a shot with a punch where he caught the hand.
OW: That’s why I stopped visiting the set.

Q: Is there a chance of you two doing a third movie in the series?
OW: They are talking about Shanghai Dawn and maybe going to Egypt. It does seem like a Hope/Crosby thing where you can put these characters in different situations. We have talked with the writers about Shanghai Dawn but they have not started writing yet.
JC: These films are fun and maybe the next one will be in Egypt and then South Africa.

Q: Do you suggest things for the script?
OW: Jackie and I meet with the writers and director and have suggestions. People talk about how these films are different from the films I wrote with Wes Anderson but I think that in important ways there are similarities. I know that Jackie’s character has a real sense of innocence and that the comedy isn’t mean spirited or cruel. I would say that is also in the Tennenbaums and Rushmore. I know that Wes likes these movies too.

Q: What’s next?
OW: Next for Jackie is Around The World In 80 Days and my brother Luke and I might do cameos in that. Maybe as the Wright Brothers. I think there are going to be lots of cameos. Then I’m going to do Starsky And Hutch with Ben Stiller.

Q: In Shanghai Knights Britain means bad weather and bad teeth. What about Britain surprised you when you first came here?
OW: I was always a big Winston Churchill fan so it was fun for me to go to his bunker and the War Room and hear the tapes of his addresses during World War II. I don’t know why Churchill? But in Rushmore we had a big portrait of Churchill behind the headmaster. He was half American.

Q: Do you think you could write a part for Jackie, should he ever decide to give up action movies?

OW: Just his book I Am Jackie Chan would be a good movie with all that stuff that happened to him as a kid. I know from acting with Jackie that aside from the fight scenes that we do that it is good to play straight scenes off Jackie.

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