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Teen shark attack victim to be subject of new film

Story by: Jack Foley

A BRAVE teenage surfer, who lost her arm in a shark attack, but who got back on a board just months afterwards, is to have her story turned into a film.

Bethany Hamilton made world-wide headlines when, at the age of just 13, she became the victim of a shark attack, while lying on her surf-board, off the coast of Hawaii, in 2003.

The shark in question ripped off her left arm, just below the shoulder, but despite suffering from shock, Bethany made it to shore, where she was rushed to hospital.

Doctors insist she was able to make such a dramatic and speedy recovery because of her fitness levels - she was one of the top-rated amateur surfers at the time of of the attack and tipped for great things.

Many thought that her career might be over, but now, just 14, she has returned to the water and is surfing once more.

Needless to say, Bethany's bravery has proved an inspiration to many and her dedication has turned her into something of a celebrity.

A biography, Soul Surfer, is about to be published, and it has just been announced that a US production company has bought the rights to the story.

According to producer, Michael Shane: "Bethany is a shining light with a great, compelling story of overcoming adversity.

"This is a little girl whose life could have been fully destroyed, but she seized the moment and turned it around in a positive light."

The subsequent film has reportedly been fast-tracked by production company, Romano/Shane, with filming already scheduled to start next year, even though a screenwriter has yet to be hired.

However, according to Mr Shane, if all goes to plan, shooting will begin in Hawaii next Summer.

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