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She Hate Me - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

SPIKE Lee joints are usually great places to hang out for cinema-goers, particularly as the director is seldom one to shy away from controversial issues.

His most recent effort, The 25th Hour, rated as one of the film’s of last year - tackling the 24-hour tale of a drug dealer attempting to sort his life out, during the course of the day, in a post-September 11 New York.

For his latest, Lee appears to be taking on the corporations, and corporate greed, in a story that looks set to be similarly explosive.

She Hate Me stars Anthony Mackie as Harvard, MBA-educated biotech executive, John Henry ‘Jack’ Armstrong, who gets fired when he informs on his colleagues and prompts an investigation into their business dealings.

Out of work, and desperate for cash, Armstrong receives an offer from his ex-girlfriend, Fatima (Kerry Washington), that if he impregnates her, she will pay him handsomely.

Yet, when word spreads that Armstrong is willing to do the same for lesbians everywhere, at a mere $10,000 a go, he finds lesbians with a desire for motherhood lining up to seek his services.


Far from simplifying his life, however, things quickly become more complicated, particularly as his former employees are also looking to blame him for their companies misdemeanours.

The film co-stars the likes of John Turturro, Ellen Barkin, Woody Harrelson, Monica Bellucci and Q-Tip and is scheduled to open in US cinemas this Summer.

Lee says he was inspired to write and direct the film by the recent events involving Enron, Worldcom and Halliburton, among others.

"These corporations had some shaky people at the top, so I decided to pair that line of enquiry with the idea of sex and procreation," he explains.

"It’s a volatile mixture, but this film is also a commentary on the hypocrisy of America on the issue of sex. I wanted to raise questions about the decline of morals and ethics in America - from the boardroom to the bedroom."

Lee maintains that in present day America, there appears to exist a grey line between morality and ethics, stating that there is a growing feeling that people will do anything for money.

Adds the director: "Every human being is going to have to make a choice, and the choice you make will depend upon your ethics and your morals. People have to deal with the consequences of those choices."

The film which results ought to make for interesting and challenging viewing.

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