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Sin City - Clive Owen interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Were you aware of the graphic novels before you started filming?
I wasn’t aware of them at all actually. Robert called me up and said he was going to do this thing called Sin City, he sent me a bunch of Frank’s graphic novels, he showed me this five minute test he’d done to show Frank how faithful he was going to be to that original source material.
He told me he was currently shooting with Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke and that Benicio Del Toro was going to be in it and Quentin Tarantino was going to pop in for a couple of days. I thought about it for a couple of days – and I jumped at it of course.

Q. Clive, it's been some year, what with this, Closer and Golden Globe prizes and Oscar nominations. How do you top it?
I don’t think it’s about topping anything, it would be wonderful if the thing continues. For me, success has always been about trying to work with the most creative, interesting people and I’ve been having some fantastic opportunities. If it continues like this I’ll be nothing but grateful and thrilled.

Q. But do you feel as if you have broken through to a new level?
Listen, getting a phone call from Robert Rodriguez inviting me to come over and join in the Sin City thing, that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about. I’m welcoming those opportunities, and for me it’s about the work. It’s about working with, hopefully, the best people around. I seem to be getting some fantastic opportunities and I welcome them.

Q. Given the amount of green screen work, does it require you to have extra faith in the director?
It’s weird for a day or so. You’re so used to using your location environment, you turn up on the set and that’s a very big part of the scene you’re shooting. You become a part of it. But here you’re suddenly on this green screen and you’ve got absolutely nothing. You’re in this sort of void of nothing. But it’s only strange for about a day or two.
The good thing is that all that’s going on at that time is the actor’s performance, that’s all Robert and Frank are concentrating on, what we do.
The astonishing thing when you do a film like this is that you do it for however long you do it and Robert tells you how it will be.
Then three days before the American premiere I go and see the movie and am completely blown away by it and have no idea that I was in that movie.
The stuff that happened after we did what we did to the finished product is, to me, completely baffling. It’s groundbreaking what’s been achieved.

Q. If you were offered the role of James Bond, would you take it?
It’s only ever been rumoured, there’s been no substantiation. I’m pretty booked out for the next year.
Robert Rodriguez: That’s not the question – ‘if you were offered the part’.
Owen: Some fucking ally you are!

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