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Sin City - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IT BOASTS a cast to die for, a cool director and some fantastic artwork on the posters, so fingers crossed that the finished version of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's Sin City proves to be the real deal!

Scheduled for a UK release on April 22, 2005, the film is the latest in a seemingly never-ending line of graphic novel to screen adaptations - although on this occasion, the hype could be justified.

The Sin City in question is being billed as a vicious place, where even the cops are crooked.

The plotline will include elements from the stories Sin City, The Babe Wore Red and Those Yellow Bastards and features a massive cast, including Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Michael Madsen, Brittany Murphy and Nick Stahl.

It will also be split into three stories, the central part of which revolves around Marv, a deadly street fighter, who sets out to wreak bloody revenge on the men who killed his girlfriend, Goldie, as she lay in his bed.

From its trailer and poster artwork alone, Rodriguez (who was so keen to see Frank Miller credited as a partner that he quit the Directors' Guild) appears to have captured the dirty, gritty feel of the comics which are mostly pitch-black in tone.

In order to do this, the film was shot entirely using green screens, which could prove the project's biggest achilles heel.

However, the stars themselves are clearly excited. Jessica Alba, who plays a stripper being protected by Willis' cop, Hartigan, says the filming process forced all cast members to be very specific while shooting, for fear of being caught out by Rodriguez.

While Brittany Murphy, who plays a waitress who appears in all three stories, was equally as gushing in her praise for the environment that Rodriguez created, saying in an interview that he has 'built an environment for himself that's absolutely stunning'.

Josh Hartnett, too, says he leapt at the chance to work with Rodriguez again, even though he only appears in two scenes.

The first scene, however, formed part of the promotional process that Rodriguez used to lure so many big names to the project, making Hartnett's inclusion small but pivotal.

Sin City could well be one of the coolest movies of the year, if advance word is anything to go by.

Photo courtesy of Poster © Dimension Films. All Rights Reserved.

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