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Spy Kids 3-D - Alexa Vega/Daryl Sabara Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Yet again, you're showing off your singing talents at the end of this film. Is there now an additional career beckoning for you?
Alexa Vega:
That would be nice! Yeah, Robert kind of came up with everything, and he said, 'okay, do you want to try this again?', and I was like, 'oh definitely'. So we tried it and this time I wasn't throwing up and being sick; we weren't going to shoot a video, because it was going to take too long and the film was almost out already, so at the premiere, Robert tells me a couple of days before, 'do you want to sing this song live'? I was like, 'what?' But he goes, I want you to sing the final song, so a couple of days before I even got there that I was also singing the third song that I did last year, so I was trying to practice everything on stage and it was kind of chaotic, but fun.
So it'd be nice, and when I got off stage, I told my mum that I want to be a rock star, because the feeling that you get when you're up there; you just get this rush, and it's great.

Q. As we are told in the film, you are The Guy. It's obvious that you had to do much more in this film than the previous two movies, so did you feel a bit more pressure on you, or did you think that it was even more fun than before?
Daryl Sabara:
It was a lot more fun, because I got to do all my own stunts in this movie, and I actually liked doing some intense physical training. It was four months, four hours a day, six days a week, with running, weight lifting, jumping, obstacle courses, pretty intense, but real fun; got me buff, so you can't complain about that.
It was just a lot of fun working with everybody else; all the cast members. I had a great time and I really had a great experience.

Q. Do you play video games?
Daryl Sabara:
I play millions of video games, and given the fact that he [Rodriguez] has video games on set, it makes it more convenient.
Q. Tomb Raider?
A. No, not Tomb Raider. I can't really play all those mature ones. I usually just keep it simple and easy.
Q. We really just want to know how it feels to have cleaned Lara Croft's clock?
[Laughs] You know what? I really don't care. I think that we should be proud that we got number one [in America].

Q. Alexa, do you play?
We used to have a whole lot of video game sets at home, but then my mom decided that we weren't doing our homework, and it kind of clocked that idea.
But while we were on set, we played video games and had the Gameboy while we travel. But you kind of have to have your priorities straight, so we basically don't really play too many video games in the household, but mostly just while we're on the plane or something.
Robert Rodriguez: I have my priorities straight, I play video games all the time. That's one of the reasons I wanted to make this movie, to justify all the years I wasted playing video machines.
Q. Did you then play the Lara Croft game?
I remember playing an early one, when I had a regular PlayStation, but I didn't get very far. I play a lot of games with my kids now, so there's more of a kid factor to it.

Q. How difficult is it when you're giving a performance, when you know that half the stuff that we don't see, or will see, isn't there anyway? How much do your imaginations have to run riot?
Daryl: You're imagination has to run wild, because since we have the green screen, we don't see anything but green, and Robert just draws up a little picture and tells us, this is what it's going to look like.
Alexa: You know, everybody around us made it pretty easy to work in front of a green screen, and all the stunts. Robert made us really comfortable.
Daryl: The hardest part was that while we were using the green screen, we had no idea what was going on; and Robert is just shouting, 'listen, there's a big monster behind you; look there's a pie coming at you'. He's right there by the camera, saying all these things, so that's pretty much how we used the green screen.
Robert Rodriguez: I guess I just wanted to get a real raw reaction out of them; I didn't let them see the script forever - partly because I didn't have it written yet!
But then life doesn't give you a script, you just walk in and react, so I didn't want them to see a script until the end, which gave me more time to finish it.

Q. Was it sad for you both to know that this is the end of your spy career? And do you hope to work with Robert again?
I cried like a baby [laughs].
Daryl: I said to Robert, I'm not going to cry, but he insisted that he'd make me cry.
Alexa: However, on the last day of shooting, Elijah Wood was on set, so it was kind of nice, having him tell me, you know, 'it's ok'. I was embarrassed in front of everyone.
But it was real sad, because we've worked with everyone for four years, they've become like my family, they've seen me grow up into a teenager, so it was really different. But I think that Robert's given us a great boost and I hope we can go far in our careers, and work with Robert again.
Robert: You can always show up in one of my other movies, like all the other actors do. We can have you in one where, as people figure out who it is, they get killed off, or something..

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