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Star Trek: Nemesis (12A)

Review by: Dan Cox | Rating: Two

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Director's commentary; A Star Trek Family's Final Journey; New Frontiers: Stuart Baird On Directing Nemesis; A Bold Vision Of The Final Frontier; Red Alert! Shooting The Action On Nemesis; Deleted scenes; Photo gallery.

THEY’VE been boldly going where no man has gone before for as long as we can remember, but the Star Trek franchise may finally be running out of gas.

After 10 films in total and four featuring the Next Generation crew, speculation is rife that Nemesis could mark the end of an era, particularly with a tag line such as ‘A Generation’s final journey begins’.

Yet there appears to be life in the old Enterprise yet. Nemesis is one of the better films in the series and a timely reminder of why the franchise has been able to thrive for so long.

The plot, on this occasion, finds Patrick Stewart’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard and crew heading to the marriage of Riker and Troi, only to find themselves diverted to the planet Romulus, where the election of a new leader signals a possible end to the planet's long hostility toward the Federation.

Once there, however, Picard discovers that the new ‘Praetor’, Shinzon (played by Tom Hardy), is in fact a clone of his younger self and that the new leader has acquired a weapon of mass destruction that could herald the end of the Federation, as well as Earth itself.

Director, Stuart Baird, does a commendable job of delivering a worthy possible conclusion to the Next Generation franchise, including some nice nods to the past while not relying on the viewer having an in-depth knowledge of the series. The special effects are up to the usual standards of excellence that we have come to expect.

He also delivers a shock to rival the death of Spock, involving one of the central characters, while also including some nifty set pieces, such as a sequence where the Enterprise rams an enemy ship during a space battle and a Jeep chase on a remote desert planet.

Nemesis is unlikely to win any new fans to the series and could well mark the end of an era, but as a Star Trek movie it has to rate among the better efforts, coming close to the giddy heights achieved by The Wrath of Kahn (the second film in the series).

It is, by far, the best of the Next Generation movies yet produced but if it is the end of the current run, then we can only look forward to the movies from the two other series that are yet to be done.

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