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Stewart hits out at Hollywood's depiction of violence towards women

Story by: Jack Foley

STAR Trek and X-Men star, Patrick Stewart, has hit out at Hollywood - and Quentin Tarantino in particular - for what he describes as an 'extremely irresponsible' approach to featuring violence towards women.

Speaking at the launch of an Amnesty International campaign on violence against women, Stewart admitted that he deeply regretted being involved in projects that sent out the wrong message.

He has appeared as a movie villain on occasion, most notable alongside Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts in Conspiracy Theory.

However, Stewart singled out Kill Bill as a film which was particularly offensive towards women, and blasted its depiction of violence, labelling it as 'a deeply offensive movie'.

Turning to his own projects, he confessed: "I have been involved in sequences, both in the theatre and in film, which, with hindsight, I realise were offensive because they were perpetuating a stereotype," he said.

"Violence against women diminishes us all. If you fail to raise your hand in protest you are part of the problem," he added.

Stewart made the comments as he helped to launch Amnesty's global Stop the Violence campaign.

And he went on to accuse the entertainment industry of beng 'extremely irresponsible in perpetuating and stereotyping the violent attitudes of men to women'.

"It's a lazy and sensationalist approach, and I condemn it entirely," he continued.

Turning to Tarantino, in particular, he went on: "I condemn, utterly, films like Kill Bill, which we are told are empowering women.

"But they are apparently empowering women to kill other women which was the message that I took from the film."

The 63-year-old actor also revealed that he had witnessed his own father hitting his mother as a child.

"It just so happens that here was an issue that I have a personal association [with] and after consultation with my brothers, we all felt that it was absolutely the right moment to speak out," he concluded.

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