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Troy - Sean Bean and the women of Troy

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Sean, I have a list here. Goldeneye, Ronin, Patriot Games and Lord of the Rings... Has it become a desire of yours to survive a blockbuster?
[Laughs] Yes. It constantly surprises me. I don't usually last that long, so to be there at the end was a nice change.

Q. Would you be interested in playing the role of Odysseus again?
Yeah, yeah [laughs]. It's a great character, though, you know, and this is a great adventure series.

Q. Did you get much down-time on the set and how did you fill it?
I played quite a bit of pool, and visited a few bars. But we all did a lot of sitting around the pool and reading.

Q. Did you have a perm for your extremely curly hair?
It was a wig. It wasn't my hair. Did you think it was mine? I wish it was...

Q. How do you think Troy compares with Lord of the Rings in terms of movie-making and ambition?
I suppose you can compare them, but this was a much more wider scale in terms of panoramas and extras. We did Lord of the Rings about four years ago, and the CGI has obviously advanced much more quickly now.
But this was more physical and more demanding, and much more violent.

Q. Can you recall an epic that you saw in your life that made you go 'wow'?
I think Ben Hur made an impression on me, as well as the Waterloo film with Christopher Plummer and Rod Steiger...


Rose Byrne

Q. How was your down-time more difficult than Eric Bana's. Did you get much on the set?
We played a lot of board games. Battleships, Diane's very good at battleships, backgammon, and karaoke. We'd go to karaoke at 10pm, and come back at 6am, so that would sort of kill the day.

Q. How were the love scenes with Brad Pitt?
[laughs and blushes a little] Well love scenes are always awkward, you know, because you're in weird underwear, and it's very technical, you have tape all over your bum, and you have 40 men staring at you through cameras, saying 'move your head', and stuff.
So even if you were trying to have a good time, it's too technical, but then you're also trying to create what will hopefully be a beautiful love scene.
I find after one take, it gets better, but it's good to have a sense of humour about it. You have to be able to laugh at how funny it is, you know. So it was good, because I really trusted Brad and Wolfgang, and I felt in good hands. It was very discreet.

Q. Can you recall an epic that you saw in your life that made you go 'wow'?
Titanic. I saw it three times at the cinema. It was the one for my generation, and Leonardo was saying my name, over and over. You know, 'Rose, Rose, Rose'. And I'm like, 'I'm here!'

Diane Kruger Q&A

Q. The line isn't used in the film, 'the face that launched a thousand ships', but it must have been quite a daunting prospect, having to take on that subtitle. So did that fill you with dread, because this is the first film we've really seen you in...
It wasn't so much about the physical aspect of the role. It was what the role stood for, actually, as I had very little experience prior to Troy; I had never played such an emotionally complex character.
She is very young, very vulnerable, very sad, and she has this constant burden of guilt. And a lot of that comes through her eyes; there are a lot of scenes where she doesn't say anything, but this has to come across somehow. So, yeah, it was quite daunting.

Q. How much did you learn from appearing alongside such an established cast?
Oh yeah, people had so much more experience from me, so I was a little overwhelmed when I first arrived on set.
But I will thank Wolfgang all my life, because he made me feel so welcome and made me feel special. Perhaps because he is German, too, he would sometimes talk to me in German and say something that would make me feel better.
I certainly learned how to be calm. How to tackle a scene when I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do it, initially.
Both Wolfgang and Peter actively encouraged me to stay calm, and to take as much time as I needed, to not be afraid to ask for time. So they were very generous and treated me as an equal, so I felt very blessed. It was a good step up.


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