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War of the Worlds - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

"IT'S going to be exciting, it's going to be really scary, and it's going to maintain the tone of HG Wells."

So says Tom Cruise, as the hype begins to build around his latest blockbuster, War of the Worlds, which reunites him with Minority Report director, Steven Spielberg.

The dream team duo got back together last year after it was announced that both of their respective projects had been delayed - Cruise's Mission Impossible 3 due to the lack of a director, and Spielberg's Olympics movie because of the timing.

As a result, War of the Worlds has emerged to become a contender for one of the biggest blockbusters of the year - as well as providing the likes of Star Wars and Batman that they won't be having it all their own way this year.

Shooting on the movie began on November 2, 2004, with a view to being completed in time for a US release date on June 28, 2005 - which would be no mean achievement given the number of special effects shots that are anticipated.

A poster has already appeared, which features some green tentacles clasped around the world, while teaser trailers suggest something very special - more on a par with the alien invasion of Independence Day, rather than the people-friendly likes of ET or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Cruise certainly predicts that this will be a movie adventure to thrill audiences, rather than having them feeling warm and sentimental.

"These guys are coming to dominate earth," he warned.

And from stills and trailers thus far, he could well be right. Advance footage includes plenty of shots of people looking to the sky and being terrified.

While the HG Wells book on which the film is based - written in 1898 - featured aliens that were far from loveable.

What's more, the film has quickly amassed a quality support cast, including child of the moment, Dakota Fanning (Man on Fire), Tim Robbins and Mirando (Lord of the Rings) Otto.

Adds Cruise, in an interview with Empire magazine: "It's the kind of movie that, as a kid, you'd cut as many lawns as you can, so you could get the money to see the film on day one."

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