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Wedding Crashers - When you're casting a movie, usually you try to work with people that you believe in

Feature by: Jack Foley

ON-SCREEN, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson can currently be seen gate-crashing other people's weddings in the aptly named comedy, The Wedding Crashers.

But in real-life, the talented duo are earning something of a reputation for 'crashing' other people's movies as part of a new comic super-group that has become dubbed 'the frat-pack'.

Vaughn, for instance, has contributed telling cameos to the likes of Will Ferrell's Anchorman, while Wilson has cropped up in a number of Ben Stiller movies, and Ferrell has appeared briefly in Starsky and Hutch (as well as Wedding Crashers).

Indeed, part of the joy of watching this frat-pack is in seeing just which one of them will cameo in the other's film.

Vaughn, however, laughs off suggestions that this is a deliberate tactic designed to land each other more roles.

"I've always found it odd," he maintained at the recent London press conference for Wedding Crashers.

"I think that if there's any kind of common denominator it's Ben Stiller who sort of hired people for different stuff and looked to do stuff with people. That was how people initially overlapped.

"Even with Owen, this was the first chance we really had an opportunity to do stuff together. We'd had a taste before, a pink spoon - on Zoolander and Starsky & Hutch - but never the whole Sundae."

Adds Wilson: "I think the way it works is that when you're casting a movie, usually you try to work with people that you believe in.

"There's sort of a couple of people who work together and there's been some overlap, but it's less sort of a sinister plan and more about wanting to bet on somebody that you believe can be funny."

The Wedding Crashers afforded exactly that sort of opportunity, enabling both Wilson and Vaughn to put their comic brains together and come up with something a little different from the norm for this sort of thing.

Explains Vaughn: "I don't think Wedding Crashers is comparable to other studio films that even I have been in.

"To me, it is the most like the Wes Anderson movies or the Jon Favreau films, where it's very character-driven and the characters go on a journey.

"Your're rooting for the characters. You're emotionally involved with them. The jokes play funny because you kind of feel awkward in the circumstances that they do.

"A lot of the other comedies you're looking at are more sketch-driven, where each scene tries to bigger or crazier than the next.

"This movie takes flawed characters and moves them forward just a little bit by the end."

That said, Vaughn couldn't seem to resist reverting back to comedy mode when talking about what it meant to work properly with Wilson for the first time.

"To me, Owen Wilson is big dollar sign," he joked. "You can talk about love all you want, but when I look at this guy all I see is a dollar sign.

"I said Owen, 'here's how it's going to work, amigo, I'm going to say something stupid, you're going to roll your eyes, step on your toe and the guy in the glasses is gonna yell 'cut'. I do not want to be late for the God damn Lakers game!"

So are there any plans to work together more in the future, on a musical perhaps?

"Thank you for asking," enlightens Vaughn in typically deadpan fashion.

"There is a musical that me and Owen are working on right now. We play two rodeo clowns who leave the rodeo and become two life-guards at a park district pool outside of Chicago, where we befriend a young Filipino boy who has an outer belly button and teach him what it's like to get along with the other kids that summer.

"It's called Mr Sunshine and Owen plays Mr Sunshine!"

Now that sounds like something worth crashing!

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