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The Wedding Crashers - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

ON PAPER, The Wedding Crashers looks set to be an irresistible blend of foul language, bare breasts and sexual high jinks, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

The duo play two divorce mediators from Washington who get their kicks from gate-crashing weddings in the hope of getting laid by lovestruck ladies.

Despite chalking up numerous scores between them, their plans go awry when they encounter Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher, the reserved daughters of the US Treasury Secretary (played by Christopher Walken).

For while Wilson begins to fall in love with McAdams, Vaughn finds himself being stalked by Fisher and is desperate to get away.

The ensuing comedy could well become of the funniest of the Summer, especially if its laugh-out-loud trailer is anything to go by.

According to Entertainment Weekly, advance buzz on the movie suggests it is as shameless as it is hilarious.

While Wilson, himself, compares it to the comedies of a few years ago, such as Stripes and Animal House, which were R-rated.

The comic pairing of Wilson and Vaughn should also be a good one, given that they have frequently collaborated with each other, despite not sharing the limelight.

Wilson, of course, was pitted against Vaughn in Starsky and Hutch, while both have contributed cameos to numerous comedies.

What's more, Vaughn is promising an older version of his memorable ladies man in Swingers, having put many of the lessons he learned from that experience back into play for The Wedding Crashers.

The film is due to open simultaneously in America and the UK on July 15, 2005 - so make sure you have your wedding invitations ready for some feel-good laughter!

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