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Wedding Crashers - Owen Wilson interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Would you be chuffed to bits if someone crashed your wedding?
Owen Wilson:
Would I? It depends on the person. If some of the people seated next to me on this podium were to crash my wedding - and they would have to crash, they wouldn't be invited - I'd probably let bygones be bygones and welcome them. I'd shake their hands so they could see that I'm not holding a dagger!

Q. Was there a lot of ad-libbing going on?
A lot of times I find that this makes it more exciting because once you've read a line 15 times in the script all of a sudden it's not as funny, so it's kind of nice if there is an atmosphere on the set where you feel comfortable to improvise.
Because we'd worked with David before and the mood that he set, you felt comfortably trying things. But a lot of the stuff was planned out before.

Q. We keep hearing the term 'fratpack'. Is this a handy media term or do you tend to hang out a lot with people like Will Ferrell and Jack Black? Do you think you could be the 21st Century answer to the Rat Pack?
I've seen that written in some places. I think the way it works is that when you're casting a movie usually you try to work with people that you believe in. There's sort of a couple of people who work together and there's been some overlap, but it's less sort of a sinister plan and more about wanting to bet on somebody that you believe can be funny. So I think that's the way it's sort of happened a lot.
Vince: I've always found it odd. I've never even done a scene with Jack Black. I think that if there's any kind of common denominator it's Ben Stiller who sort of hired people for different stuff and looked to do stuff with people. That was how people initially overlapped.
Even with Owen, this was the first chance we really had an opportunity to do stuff together. I did a non-speaking cameo in Zoolander and we were never on-screen together; then in Starsky we had a little bit to do...
Owen: Just a taste...
Vince: Just a pink spoon, not the whole Sundae.

Q. Owen, how did you like being directed by your brother in the Wendell Baker Story?
I had more of a problem with my younger brother directing me. I could kind of accept it from my older brother but there was something kind of hard to stomach about Luke giving me line readings. So I asked him to communicate any of his direction to Andrew. And that's the way it worked.
We just showed the movie in Maui - where there's this incredible film festival - where they showed it outside. But I don't know when it will be coming out here, although I think it turned out really well. Luke and Andrew both did a really good job.

Q. Have you ever been standing there and been lost for an answer?
I felt like yesterday. I was just really tired. I had just got into town and on some of the one on one interviews and stuff, I was just kind of at a loss and I was also trying to watch the tennis tournament so sometimes I didn't even hear the questions!

Q. The lines that you use to girls are pretty outlandish...
You've heard worse and do not lie to me!

Q. Have you ever used such stories to encourage girls?
Not so much lying the way our characters do.
Vince: Someone's stolen the stars and put them all in your eyes! Your legs must be exhausted... from running through my dreams all night!
Owen: We had a lot to draw on.

Q. You seemed to say with a smile that there's a lot we could draw on, so were any of the lines that were used in the film drawn specifically from personal use?
Probably. It was more stuff to crack each other up. Like what's something really corny to come up with. I know that the part where I talk about people only using 10% of their brains, but I think we only use 10% of our hearts, we'd already finished filming that sequence and I was sitting around and I thought of that and said it to David, and he laughed and set up the shot so we could shoot it and then insert it back.
But I don't know where that line... it was probably from being a kid interested in the fact that if we could only unleash that other 90% of our brain....

Q. You're all very talented at comedy, how do you know when you're creating a line that you're getting it right?
Like 'you're so money baby?' or 'earmuffs'?

Q. Do you test in front of the mirror?
Well what worked on this movie is that maybe you'd come up with something, you're talking about improvising stuff, so you'd run it by David and see if you could get him to laugh, or go over to Vince's trailer and see what he thought of it. Sometimes you'd just try to spring it and either the crew would be into it.
But that's like the best feeling as an actor that I could hope for is that you kind of feel that it's loose enough that you can try stuff. I've been lucky that people are usually pretty open to trying things.

Q. Has dating been a nightmare since your initial success in the movie business?
Owen: I guess some days I like to kid myself that gosh I guess girls are able to see what a nice guy I am. They were never able to see what a nice guy I am when I was 23. Then I got this cynical guy going 'don't kid yourself, Owen, you're not any better looking than you were at 23'.
Vince: So let's put on some sweat pants and let's go down to the stripclub!

Q. Do you have favourites of the characters you play in different movies?
Owen, can we see him, does Hutch want to come out right now?
Owen: I'm a little shy. The little Filipino boy in Mr Sunshine.
Vince: Is Hutch there, does he want to come out and talk to everyone?
Owen: Hutch is very shy right now. Probably my favourite movie would be the first movie I worked on because that was the one that was the hardest to get made and it test screened worse than any movie in Sony's history and stuff. So that was the most important one to.

Q. Did you really molest Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman?
Well that's what the script called for. Actually Vince was very worried about me...
Vince: I think my point was, what I was terrified about, is that I told David 'I want you to watch the tape of what happened with Sigfried and Roy because you're out of your damn mind'. You're taking a lion and waving a piece of steak in its face and at a certain point instincts are going to take over and this old son of a bitch might flip out.
Owen: So David used tranquilisers on me that day. They kept me heavily sedated. It was like Nicholson in the Cuckoo's Nest. I didn't know where I was. Dr Quinn was safe that day.

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