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Kate Bosworth - Everyone has layers, and complexities, so to put somebody into a box is ridiculous to me

Feature by: Jack Foley

KATE Bosworth has come a long way fast, since her big screen debut alongside Robert Redford, in The Horse Whisperer.

Still only 21, she has since appeared in Roger Avary’s controversial teen drama, Rules of Attraction, headlined the surfing chick flick, Blue Crush, and is now appearing in two back-to-back films, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and Wonderland.

Not to mention the fact that she is currently dating Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean star, Orlando Bloom, and is set to take up a place at Princeton University.

Yet in spite of her success, the actress remains remarkably down to earth and humble, playing down her status in Hollywood’s pecking order, and insisting that she wants a life outside of the media circle that seems to dominate the celebrity persona of most stars.

Speaking at a London press conference, held to mark the imminent release of both of her new films, Bosworth told journalists: "I don't ever really think of myself as headlining a film, I never really put that pressure on myself.

"It's more like there's so many people involved in a project that, at this point, I don't really think my name will draw people. It's more about how the film is put together, by the director, the producers and all the actors involved... everyone."

In terms of career progression, her roles continue to be as diverse as her many interests outside of film.

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, for example, is a bog-standard teen-romance cum wish fulfilment fantasy, in which a small-town girl wins the opportunity of dating a Hollywood celebrity, and then finds herself being wooed by the star - to the chagrin of the small-town boy who has long harboured feelings for her.

Wonderland, meanwhile, pits her as Dawn Schiller, the teenage girlfriend of real-life porn legend, John Holmes (Val Kilmer), in a film which takes a Roshomon-style look at the events which led to the notorious Wonderland murders, in Laurel Canyon, in 1981.

It is a measure of Bosworth’s determination not to become pigeon-holed, that she can jump from headlining something like Tad Hamilton, to appearing in a strong ensemble piece, such as Wonderland.

And it is something for which she remains tremendously grateful.

"I hate the idea of anybody being categorised or being put into a box," she explained, when asked to comment on her diversity.

"Everyone has layers, everyone has complexities, so to put somebody into a box is ridiculous to me. So I think I try and play different parts just to not become pigeon-holed."

It is little wonder, then, to find that she will next be appearing alongside Kevin Spacey, in Beyond the Sea, as Sandra Dee, the wife of singer, Bobby Darin, as well as a brief spot alongside Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche in the upcoming Bee Season.

So does she ever get daunted by the prospect of appearing alongside such big names, or ‘star-struck’ by being in their presence - much like her character in Tad Hamilton.

In replying to such questions, Bosworth laughs innocently, even blushes, and states: "I don't know if I'd ever want to overcome ‘star-struckedness’. I hope I'm always star-struck by people."

As for appearing alongside an idol such as Spacey, she adds: "The Usual Suspects is one of my favourite movies, and he's one of my favourite actors, and it was sort of funny to be in a situation where, all of a sudden, your idol wants to meet with you for a part. You're kind of like, 'what, me?'.

"I remember sitting there, waiting at this restaurant for him to show up, and I was kind of nervous. Then he walked up, and it was sort of [pulls a look of awe], but he was really wonderful and it was great."

In spite of her success, however, Bosworth remains equally determined to succeed in other areas of her life, and is renowned for her voluntary work.

So when asked whether she was worried about the effect that taking time out from Hollywood to go back to university might have on her career, she remains defiant, replying:

"To be honest, the more people I talk to in the business, and well-respected people, say 'go'... but my place in the ‘pecking order’ is not really something I’m focused on. And I also think it's good to have experiences outside of Hollywood. You know what I mean? To have your own deal, rather than to be shackled to that.

"I just try to stay happy, and if I feel like all of a sudden that's becoming too much, like the whole business is becoming too much pressure, I think it's nice to have other things in your life you can focus on."

Bosworth, it seems, is handling the pressures that come with success very well and seems well-placed to realise many of her ambitions.

She refused to be drawn on the issue of what is was like to date her own celebrity boyfriend, and even passed off the media attention which results as something which ‘comes with the territory’.

"It's very weird when you open up a magazine and see a picture that you have no idea was taken when you were there. I do have to keep the paranoia in check, sometimes," she states. "But I think it's something everyone has to come to terms with, and you have to just deal with it."

And for every bad point, there is always the sense of elation that comes with being able to make someone’s day - which is a feeling Bosworth remains in awe of.

"It's an amazing thing, I think, to be able to shake someone's hand, and know that you've given them joy from something like that. It's inspiring and really neat," she comments, before adding: "But I feel very normal, so it sort of baffles me a bit, the whole celebrity thing."

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