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X-Men 2 - Famke Janssen/Kelly Hu Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

NB This Q&A contains certain plot spoilers, so make sure you've seen the film before scrolling down!!

Q. What did you like most about your character and what did you like the least?
Well, at first, I thought she would be a really tricky character to play, because she is very internal. Her powers come from her mind.
And then there's two different ways you can play it. One of them being where you do absolutely nothing and, supposedly, everything's coming out of your mind, or you do it way over the top. So we just came up with little things, like putting the hands on my head, or lifting the arms, but it was all decided while we were shooting.
I think that in the second movie, it just became a little bit more normal as a character, I mean, she was human, she was conflicted, so there were emotional scenes that I could have played in any other movie.
Of course, I also have a kiss that I share with Hugh. So, it was just a little bit different second time around.

Q. Bearing mind the pathology of the comics, can we expect that we might not have seen the last of your character? And how fit did you have to be to cope with the physical demands of the movie?
Well, she does become the Dark Phoenix, so that would be a possibility. But in terms of the physicality of the film, it was big breakfasts and lots of food.
Kelly: Yeah, I'm the one that did all the training, and I had that huge fight scene with Wolverine, of course.
So much of it was done on wires, and wire work is the kind of thing that no matter how fit or co-ordinated that you think you are, you're not when you get onto them. It's 10 times harder to throw a kick, for instance, when you're up in the air, than it is when you're on the ground, and you're using muscles just to keep yourself from falling over, much less actually trying to look like you're fighting and being graceful.
I have a blackbelt in karate, but that doesn't prepare you for all that wire work. I mean it's a whole different muscle. It's more like joining the circus, I feel like I can join Cirque du Soleil now.
We probably trained for a good two months, on wires, before we actually started shooting, but it's a whole team effort, you have people yanking on the wires, it's not you can just jump in the wires in the back yard and practice.
It takes a whole team of experts. And, unfortunately, it's not very scientific, either, it takes trial and error and that's why you have stunt people.
Rebecca: The opposite is the case for Mystique, and her stunt double, of course, because there is nowhere to put the harness, so they would have to take that out in post production.




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