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X-Men 3 - Vaughn to direct as plot X-amined

Story by: Jack Foley

IF YOU want a super-hero movie to be done right, then turn to the Brits!

Could this be the new Hollywood maxim? Christopher Nolan is busy preparing the rejuvenation of the Batman franchise, with Batman Begins, and now Layer Cake's Matthew Vaughn has reportedly been signed up to the X-Men franchise.

With original X-Men helmer, Bryan Singer, having jumped ship in favour of Warner Bros' Superman, Vaughn has been enlisted to maintain the X-Men's box office pedigree and thereby keep as many former cast members as possible.

And those folks at Marvel Comics are thrilled to have the former Guy Ritchie collaborator on board.

Marvel supremo, Avi Arad, recently told Empire Online that he was 'incredibly excited' to have Vaughn on board, stating that 'we love his sensibilities' and describing his directorial debut, Layer Cake, as incredibly stylish.

"In some ways he had stylistically the look of X-Men, it was very crisp," he added.

Arad went on to predict that Vaughn will stamp his own style on the franchise and recalled a meeting between the two at which Vaughn outlined how he would introduce one of the new characters.

That, of course, has set the tongues wagging among X-Men devotees as to who the new character will be and, of course, whether Vaughn is X-Man enough to fill Mr Singer's shoes.

Needless to say, Arad refused to disclose plot details or new character story arcs, content merely to here X-Men 3 being talked about in positive terms, rather than negatively.

He did add, however, that 'there will be interesting characters that will be introduced' and that 'it just has to move forward'.

He also promised that Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Rogue would be back - even if the actors who played them initially did not return.

One of the most keenly anticipated story arcs, however, would be the return of Jean Grey as Phoenix, who has since been converted to the dark in her after-life.

The comics follow that story and the ending of X-Men 2 seemed to suggest that Fox would be pursing it.

Arad, once more, played his cards close to his chest on this one, stating that this would never be the main story and maintaining that there are lots of stories to tell.

He did, however, conclude to Empire, that X-Men 3 'is probably philosophically the most interesting and provocative for all of us'.

You can find out more about Empire's chat with Avi Arad and speculation surrounding possible plot-lines by clicking here.

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