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Buddhism across Asia Gallery

IMAGES and Sacred Texts – Buddhism across Asia, an exhibition of sacred texts, painted scrolls and sculptures from Sri Lanka to Japan, is on display at the British Museum until April 3, 2011.

The exhibition features depictions of the ‘three gems’ from across Asia. The ‘three gems’ consist of the Buddha himself, his teachings (dharma), and the Buddhist community (sangha).

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PreviousNext Amitabha, the wisdom Buddha. China, 1600-1700. A key feature of the Mahayana movement was the development of five celestial or wisdom Buddhas. They represent the different sublime and eternal aspects of the Buddha's body, which is beyond change in the ordinary world. Among the five Buddhas, the most popular is Amitabha, the 'Buddha of infinite light'. He presides over a western heaven where devotees can be reborn and enjoy eternal bliss. Copyright The Trustees of the British Museum. 1 of 5


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