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Goldsmiths' Fair 2011 Gallery

GOLDSMITHS’ Fair – this year from September 26 to October 9 – presents the crème de la crème of jewellery and silversmithing talent in the UK. The gilded rooms of Goldsmiths’ Hall are filled with rows of capsule boutiques each one offering a cornucopia of original jewels and stunning silver by individual designer-makers from around the country.

Ninety exhibitors take part each week, with a change over in the middle necessitating a second visit to fully appreciate the complete spectrum of creative diversity that the Fair offers. Here are a few of the exhibits….

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PreviousNext Bear Mum by Rie Taniguchi in silver (Britannia & sterling, mostly oxidised), onyx, stainless steel spring, gold foil, fabric. A Hand-Raised Bear in the form of a stand-alone sculptural piece. The sack symbolises the impact on wildlife by humans, in this case bears. Bears need a lot of food, thus big territory, but their terrain has been and continues to be destroyed. “I have wanted to make bears for some time now, been looking at photographs, and watching them on TV, videos and internet, unfortunately not for real. I made bears in glass six years ago, and thought I couldn’t make them in metal in the way I wanted. Last year I felt it might be possible and started drawing. After numerous drawings, I made paper models and copper models before making in silver.” It took Rie about five weeks not including research, drawing, designing and making models. 10 × 9 × 7cm approx. £3,800. 10 of 10


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