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Aberfeldy - Young Forever

Review: Jack Foley

IN TERMS of happy-go-lucky, feel-good albums, very few will probably come close to the sweet innocence of Aberfeldy's Young Forever this Summer - so it's hard to believe that they hail from Scotland!

Aberfeldy is Riley Briggs, Ian Stoddart, Ruth Barrie, Sarah McFadyen and Ken McIntosh, a collaboration of like minded folk, who met in Edinburgh's pubs and cafes, and who share an appreciation for making great choral pop music.

Yet, listening to some of the tracks on the album, you could be forgiven for thinking that they hail from the West Coast of California, harking back to a time when Dylan was in his heyday, and the Summer of Love was in full schwing.

There is a blissful innocence about it that aptly lives up the name, Young Forever, for this effortlessly recalls a time in one's life when the worries of the world did not weigh so heavy.

Kicking off with the sublime A Friend Like You, the album proceeds to take you on a whimsical joyride through tracks such as Love Is An Arrow, former singles, Vegetarian Restaurant and Heliopolis By Night, right through to the chirpy anthem that is final track, Out of Love.

There are pit-stops, of course, or time-outs, where some soul-searching is called for, as in the heartbreaking love-song, What You Do, which is packed with delicious female backing vocals, acoustic guitars, and an affecting violin, midway through, that demonstrates some masterful songwriting.

In the main, however, this is the sort of album that is geared towards raising a smile, and bringing some sunshine into the dullest of Summer days, especially in the form of tracks such as Something I Must Tell You, with its infectious boy-girl harmonies and dreamy guitar riffs.

What's more remarkable, is that it was recorded by huddling the whole band around the one mic and pressed record (in part homage to Sinatra and Elvis, who used a similar technique).

The result is something which should appeal to all choral pop music fans, who also like their Sixties throwbacks, Flaming Lips-Belle and Sebastian-style journeys, and Simon and Garfunkel memories.

In short, it's a minor masterpiece that could well become one of the biggest undiscovered secrets of the year. Make sure you don't miss out.

Track listing:
1. A Friend Like You
2. Slow Me Down
3. Love Is An Arrow
4. Tie One On
5. Summer’s Gone
6. Vegetarian Restaurant
7. What You Do
8. Young Forever
9. Surly Girl
10. Heliopolis By Night
11. Something I Must tell You
12. Out Of Love

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