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Adam Green - Gemstones

Review: Jack Foley

TWENTY-three-year-old troubadour, Adam Green, has been described by Julian Casablancas, of The Strokes, as 'eccentric and down-to-earth, with newfound technical proficiency over a wider spectrum of styles'.

High praise, indeed, for the quirky singer-songwriter who possesses an unmistakable romantic sensibility as well as a barbed sense of humour.

Gemstones, his third album, is the sound of Adam Green at his most surreal and expansive; building on the success of his two previous albums in a way that's almost certain to bring his individual style to a much wider listening base.

It remains an acquired taste, however, and likely to annoy as many people as it delights.

Songs such as Choke On A Cock, about imagined meetings with the likes of Johnny Depp and President George Bush, or the beatnik burlesque of Carolina, which feature lyrics such as 'she's from Texas, red bricks drop from her vagina, oh her lips taste just like sunk ships, but her breasts taste, just like breakfast', are typical of what to expect throughout - all set against elegant melodies and playful art-pop arrangements.

I personally can't remember being as dumbfounded by a collection of songs since listening to the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - but Gemstones is a far better listen.

Indeed, with tracks such as forthcoming single, Emily, there is a guilty pleasure to be found that lies within the feel-good guitar riffs and swooning vocal style.

While the more pensive, piano-led ballad, Who's Your Boyfriend, is another good track, demonstrating the undoubted versatility of the artist.

Mojo referred to Green as an 'unexpectedly rich talent' and while such an accolade is probably a little too generous, at this stage, there's no denying there is something strangely alluring about his offbeat style.

Fans of the musically obscure are therefore advised to pick up a copy of Gemstones, while those who like their music more straightforward should stay well away.


Track listing:
1. Gemstones
2. Down On The Street
3. He's The Brat
4. Over The Sunrise
5. Crackhouse Blues
6. Before My Bedtime
7. Carolina
8. Emily
9. Who's Your Boyfriend
10. Country Road
11. Choke on a Cock
12. Bible Club
13. Chubby Princess
14. Losing on a Tuesday
15. Teddy Boys

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