The keys to some sweet soul

Review by Paul White

Alicia seems to have come out of nowhere, with this stunning debut LP. The LP from start to finish is a full of sweet innocent soul and at times touches down on a similar style as Mary J, which is never a bad thing.

First track on the long player is Piano & I, a short but sweet introduction to the debut. Alicia talks about the trials and tribulations of getting to the place where she is at, on top of the world at the moment it seems. This track also has some nice gospel style vocals.

Girlfriend seems to bust out of your speakers, with its superb drum breaks, definitely a sweet track. As the name of the track suggests, Alicia sings of being jealous of her man's girlfriend and as we all know jealousy is a real bitch, Bro!

Personally my first introduction to Alicia was on the Oprah Winfrey Show, playing a live performance of Fur De'lise with some nice beats and a crazy soul spiked vocal effort that left the already whooping crowd baying for more.

is just a classic, that's all!! This is the track that has made it big for Alicia and just listening to the simple breaks, woeful piano and vocals that have as much sorrow and pain in them as they do hope, you can see why this has done so well.

I feel inclined to suggest that some of the sweet soul music on the LP, should be put next to some of the instrumental parts of What's Going On? by the man Marvin Gaye.

This album deserves to be listened to by all and anyone that doesn't get the opportunity to will be missing out on some classic soul joints.

Track listing:
1. Piano & I
2. Girlfriend
3. How Come You Don't Call Me
4. Fallin'
5. Troubles
6. Rock Wit U
7. A Woman's Worth
8. Jane Doe
9. Goodbye
10. The Life
11. Mr. Man (Duet with Jimmy Cozier)
12. Never Felt This Way (Interlude)

12. Butterflyz
12. Why Do I Feel So Sad
12. Caged Bird