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The All-American Rejects - Move Along

Review: Jack Foley

ANYONE who enjoyed the infectious indie-rock of The All-American Rejects' shamefully enjoyable single, Swing Swing, should rush out to buy their second album, Move Along, which delivers more of the same.

Headed by the lead single and opening track, Dirty Little Secret, the album is a breezy blast of American sounding anthems that take in indie-style foot-stompers, laidback acoustic moments and the sort of catchy campus numbers that seem tailor-made for TV/film soundtrack compilations.

Dirty Little Secret, especially, is a near-perfect power-pop single that's simply great fun in a sun-drenched American kind of way.

It'll have you bellowing out its throwaway chorus for hours after hearing it, while bouncing around the living room to its melodic riffs.

Lead singer and bass player, Tyson Ritter, candidly admits that he adopted 'the Brian Wilson approach to songwriting' when putting together the album with co-songwriter, Nick Wheeler.

"This is where you sit with your feet in the sand and guitar on your lap... except I was actually at the beach!" he adds.

The result is the musical equivalent of a day at the beach - a lively, occasionally laidback, sunshine album that's perfect for those long summer road trips.

Another highlight, Night Drive, follows in the same footsteps as Dirty Little Secrets, emerging as another guitar-driven anthem.

While Stab My Back is packed with power guitar riffs and a slightly harder edge, given its angst-ridden lyrics about deception and lost love.

It demonstrates the band's ability to mix up the sentiment while still delivering feel-good songs.

The title track, Move Along, is another highlight, opening with a neatly staggered drum roll and more vibrant guitar work.

It is a proper all-American alt-rock anthem that is sure to be embraced by the K-ROQ crowd (or listeners of Xfm).

Yet Move Along isn't merely about the loud moments, and both It Ends Tonight and Straightjacket Feeling provide some wonderful acoustic moments that register just as strongly.

They may be called The All-American Rejects, but you discard them at your peril.

Track listing:
1. Dirty Little Secret
2. Stab My Back
3. Move Along
4. It Ends Tonight
5. Change Your Mind
6. Night Drive
7. 11:11 PM
8. Dance Inside
9. Top Of The World
10. Straightjacket Feeling
11. I'm Waiting
12. Can't Take It

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