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Aloud - Aloud

Review: Jack Foley

PARISIAN-bon viveurs, Aloud, arrive like a club-driven cross between Daft Punk and Air for their eponymous debut album, which ought to appeal to the Ibiza section courtesy of its Ministry of Sound roots.

That is to say, avoid at all costs unless the club scene is your thing, because this is all about creating a post-Eighties party atmosphere with the occasional chillout effort thrown in, presumably for the morning after the night before.

It's all very electronic, occasionally ultra-kitsch, and contains that unmistakeable French style.

But it also feels far too generic for its own good, and there is a very real feeling that it's all been done before.

Aloud are comprised of Cyril Bodin's gravel-lined vocals and Greg Louis' production values, which contain a certain slickness about them.

But the attitude is best summed up in the PR surrounding their recent single, Sex and Sun (which appears on the album in two parts).

As Louis states: "It's all about the energy, the power and the kitsch of our favourite decade. To quote the great George Michael - it's natural, it's good, not everybody does it, but everybody should.

"We've just got back from Miami... Now that place is the definition of sex and sun. I’ve never seen so many big things - big cars, big arms, big tits. We were quite disappointed when we had to come back to France."

This attitude is best summed up in the club-stomping anthems such as Bob O'Lean (which owes a lot in style to the Daft Punk of One More Time), and Rocky XIII (which is ripped right out of the Roger Sanchez handbook).

Chillout tracks come courtesy of the string-laden beats of Face No More, which actually slows things down to better effect, and Musique, with its rainfall sound effects and laidback hammond organs.

But Bodin's vocals don't really stand up to much and lack the smooth style of, say, Air or Daft Punk, for that matter.

In the final analysis, there's nothing worth shouting Aloud about here.

Track listing:
1. Wild Open
2. Bob O'Lean
3. Sex & Sun
4. Sex & Sun Part II
5. Nevermind
6. Rocky XIII
7. Undersea
8. Face No More
9. Lost Angeles
10. Musique
11. Show Off

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