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Ammoncontact - One In An Infinity of Ways

Review: Jack Foley

THE Ninja Tune label consistently manages to unearth some of the funkiest new talent around, plucking them from smaller, lesser-known labels and placing them straight into the spotlight marked 'TAKE NOTICE'.

Hence, we now have Ninja debutants, Ammoncontact, to deal with, a couple of Los Angelinos who pride themselves on being able to make minimal, atmospheric, predominantly instrumental, and predominantly hip-hop based music.

The name of the album kind of gives away what to expect - it's called One In An Infinity of Ways, and it represents a quirky mix of the mundane and the fabulous, which certainly mark Ammoncontact out to look out for in the future.

Close friends since school, Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon first came onto the Ninja radar for the way in which they have consistently put out some of the funkiest sample-based/ live instrumentation beat hybrids of the past couple of years, on labels such as Eastern Developments, Soul Jazz and Plug Research.

They have also appeared on compilations alongside the likes of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and King Britt - although their blend of beats couldn't be more different from those artists.

One In An Infinity of Ways is a strange album and one that requires several listens to truly get (or not, as the case might well be).

Occasionally very hip and funky (as in the pulsating beats of Healing Vibration), it can also sound too experimental, drifting into somewhat pretentious, arty territory that doesn't to it too many favours.

On a first listen, it might be tempting to dismiss the whole album as falling into the latter category, but give it time and tracks do tend to grow.

Keepintime is a classic case in point, which gets better the longer it goes on, and which might have you pressing the skip button if you're not prepared to give it a go.

But elsewhere, the likes of Wu Woomp Woomp, fail to get going and sound something a little worse than elevator music. They even threaten to get on your nerves somewhat.

Less of these, and more of the likes of title track, One In An Infinity of Ways, which features a delicious rap, and we may have found ourselves hailing an instant classic.

But while there's no doubting Ninja have found another talent, there is the feeling that in trying to stretch the boundaries of hip-hop, Ammoncontact may make themselves a little too novelty for their own good.

It's worth checking out, though, for anyone who professes to like their music a little different.


Track listing:
1. Dreamy
2. Healing Vibrations
3. Keepintime
4. Through The Moon
5. Fun Is For Funky
6. Wu Woomp Woomp
7. Wu Wu Woomp
8. Good Life To Groove
9. Like Waves Of The Sea
10. Love Letters
11. Ballad Of The Untitled
12. One In An Infinity Of Ways

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