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Audioslave - Out of Exile

Review: Jack Foley

HAILING the second album from Audioslave as a rock monster is a fairly obvious thing to do, especially since the band is a supergroup of sorts, comprised from Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden.

What is surprising, however, is just how many mellow moments are included along the way, epitomised by the upcoming first single, Be Yourself.

During such moments, Chris Cornell, Tom Morello and co produce a sound more akin with the sunshine sound of Red Hot Chili Peppers, rather than Pearl Jam or either of their earlier bands.

And it makes a refreshing change, proving there is far more to Audioslave than mighty guitar workouts.

Anyone thinking that the new single represents a mellowing out for the band will equally be delighted to hear that Out Of Exile also contains a good, old-fashioned smattering of ball-busting guitar anthems, as exemplified by opening track, Your Time Has Come, which announces Audioslave's comeback in spectacular fashion.

What is refreshing, however, is the fact that this sophomore effort is so much more diverse.

Title track, Out of Exile, is another majestic anthem - one that combines the distinct vocals of Soundgarden's Cornell with the unmistakable guitars of ex-Rage Against virtuoso, Morello.

The underlying guitar riff is pure Morello - gutsy, unique and reminiscent of his best work of old. It's sure to become a live favourite.

The mellow vibe kicks in with Be Yourself, which probably has to rate as one of the band's most commercial efforts to date. It's probably a risky choice as first single, but given its widespread appeal, it might bring the album even more followers.

The guitar riffs, especially, scream out Chili Peppers, while the empowering lyrics are sure to strike a chord with anyone in need of a little uplifting.

Further highlights (of which there are many) include Doesn't Remind Me, a wistful form of musical escapism ('I like colourful clothing in the sun, cause it doesn't remind me of anything'); the lamentful Heaven's Dead, which finds Cornell's vocals at their most strained and aching; the sprawling Yesterday To Tomorrow, featuring an almighty guitar solo; and the epic Dandelion.

Elsewhere, the band venture into warped guitar overload for the tortured sounding, The Worm, and out-and-out head-banging for Man Or Animal - though these don't come across quite so successfully.

But if that's not enough to satisfy you, then bonus track, Like A Stone, concludes the album on a chilled out note, recorded live and acoustic.

Out of Exile is therefore a mighty album from one of the mightiest rock acts on the planet.

Track listing:
1. Your Time Has Come
2. Out of Exile
3. Be Yourself
4. Doesn't Remind Me
5. Drown Me Slowly
6. Heavens Dead
7. The Worm
8. Man or Animal
9. Yesterday to Tomorrow
10. Dandelion
11. #1 Zero
12. The Curse
13. Like A Stone - Live

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