The Avalanches - these boys need therapy!

Review by Jack Foley & Paul White

Hold on! Wait a minute! Something new has come over the horizon...

Is it just another big beat album that will be collecting dust on your shelf within the first month of owning it, or is it something special?

Well... ! From the very start, this album keeps you guessing as to which way it's going to zig zag next. The whole album consists of quirky breaks and shifty drum loops, along with some nice scratches and breakdowns, which keep you dancing feet more than happy.

There is no doubt that listening to The Avalanches debut album is exciting, such is its ability to experiment, be different and delight.

The first single, Since I Left You, conjures up memories of a classic Simon & Garfunkle track 59th Street Bridge Song in that every time you listen to it, it never fails to lift your spirits and get you feeling funky once again. As does the video featuring the fat miners and the ballerinas.

Track two, Stay Another Season, follows up with a cracking sample of Madonna's Holiday (since when did that have the right to sound hip again? - ed); while track four, Two Hearts in 3/4 Time with its Sixties style ambience and Doors-esque style keyboards is simply hypnotic.

Another reason this album works well is because of its individuality and also the fact that it's not as obvious as it could so easily have been. Using similar styles to the under-rated Depth Charge, The Avalanches employ an unusual array of samples that pop up when you least expect it.

Other tracks to look out for are Electricity (it sparkles), Frontier Psychiatrist (which almost sounds like Lemon Jelly), and the absolutely crazy Live At Dominoes (a sure-fire dancefloor filler).

Go get caught up in The Avalanches...

1. Since I Left You
2. Stay Another Season
3. Radio
4. Two Hearts In 3/4 Time
5. Avalanche Rock
6. Flight Tonight
7. Close To You
8. Diners Only
9. A Different Feeling
11. Tonight
12. Pablo's Cruise
13. Frontier Psychiatrist
14. Etoh
15. Summer Crane
16. Little Journey
17. Live At Dominoes
18. Extra Kings