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Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding Amosaic

Review: Jack Foley

KINGSTON, Ontario-based Bedouin Soundclash recently scored a big breakthrough hit with the single, When The Night Feels My Song, an endearing alternative cut that sounded more like the sound of Kingston, Jamaica rather than Canada.

Hot off the back of that success comes their album, Sounding Amosaic, which continues to explore the band's love for reggae music in all its forms, as well as 80s two-toned bands such as The Specials and Toots and The Maytals.

The album kicks off with the single, which is a wise choice, given that it sets things in motion with a welcome ring of familiarity.

Sadly, what follows lacks the fresh charm of that song, opting to dig deeper into reggae territory and emerging like the sort of record that Bob Marley and co would be proud to call their own.

That's no bad thing if you're a reggae fan, of course, but given that their appeal has extended towards the leftfield Xfm crowd (and their type), the album may disappoint as many people as it impresses.

Taking their name from Israeli producer Badawi’s 1996 album, Bedouin Soundclash take the notion of culture clash to their music - something that is reflected in both the music itself and the name of the album.

Explains vocalist and guitarist Jay Malinowski: "Where Americans talk about a melting pot, Canadians like to refer to a mosaic. A melting pot expresses the idea of assimilation, that no matter where you come from, you’re an American. Here, we maintain our original ethnic identity while still mixing with others."

This outlook is best observed during tracks like the sunshine daze of Gyasi Went Home, with its happy go-lucky guitar loops, or the leazy dub of Criminal, which is sure to provoke comparisons with the similarly themed I Shot The Sherriff.

There's a faintly rock-jazz vibe surrounding Rude Boy Don't Cry that recalls some of The Police's work, while there's a Caribbean charm to Nothing To Say courtesy of its sing-along chorus.

But of 13 tracks, you may struggle to find too much to differentiate them. When The Night Feels My Song was a nice novelty.... but the novelty wears off by the close of the album.

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Track listing:
1. When The Night Feels My Song
2. Shelter
3. Living In Jungles
4. Money Worries - Bedouin Soundclash & Vernon Maytone
5. Gyasi Went Home
6. Shadow Of A Man
7. Jeb Rand
8. Criminal
9. Murder On The Midnight Wire
10. Music My Rock
11. Rude Boy Don't Cry
12. Immigrant Workforce
13. Nothing To Say

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