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The Blueskins - Word of Mouth

Review: Jack Foley

ROCK 'n' roll played at its fastest and most furious is what you can expect from The Blueskins' ferocious debut album, Word of Mouth, which excels in small doses, but becomes a little wearying by journey's end.

The West Yorkshire outfit have been building a reputation for themselves as out-and-out rockers with a number of noteworthy EPs since they were formed two years ago.

But while the Zeppelin-flavoured throwbacks are excellent in stand-alone form, there is a feeling that The Blueskins are a little too one-note an outfit in long-player form.

Live, they are said to be brilliant, and one can imagine that ears will be ringing, and heads will be throbbing, by the time they complete any set.

But in album form, the unrelenting nature of the music becomes a little nullifying, particularly late on.

Not that Word of Mouth is a bad album; far from it.

Drawing on influences such as Zeppelin, the Stones, the Buzzcocks and even Jeff Healy, Ryan Spendlove and co have put together an adrenaline-fuelled album of classic rock records, that shimmer with intensity.

They're young, of course, and incredibly talented, so God only knows what they will be like when they hone their sound and, perhaps, reign themselves in a little.

For in tracks such as album opener, Bad Day, and the slide-guitar heavy Change My Mind, there is real promise - not only vocally, but musically too.

The fast and furious Stupid Ones is the sound of disaffected youth at its most raw and honest, while harking back to the Seventies rock-outs of, say T-Rex, while Ellie Meadows is a slightly more refined effort that you could easily find yourself singing along with.

The NME described The Blueskins' as 'the sound of a teenage Led Zeppelin thrashing the arse out of 'Rock'n'Roll' in their parents' leaky lean-to' and it's a fairly accurate description of what to expect.

It's fast, it's furious and it'll have you breathless. But it also burns out too soon and is purely for the hardened rock enthusiasts only.

Track listing:
1. Bad Day
2. Stupid Ones
3. Change My Mind
4. Girl
5. Ellie Meadows
6. Love Boat
7. My Love Is Law
8. Go
9. Tell Me I'm Someone
10. Take Me Home
11. Magpie Blues

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