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Boca45 - Pitch Sounds

Review: Rob Lord

Boca45 – a mix between Brazilian football and music? That’s the idea, and despite Boca45 actually supporting Bristol City, it’s a mix that works.

The intro gives a flavour of the beats the album will treat you to and though it’s not quite up to the same quality as, say, Aim, it sets up the CD well.

It’s when stand out track, In The City, fades in and McKay starts singing that your ears begin their treat. The warm strings and McKay’s soft voice will radiate a glow through you stereo and around the room.

Much like all Grand Central releases, this is not an album that sticks to one style. The soulful In The City is followed up by a block-party-cum-rock football anthem, Ultra! It doesn’t sound like a marriage maid in heaven, but somehow it fits.

Pitch Sounds then bounces around between the old school hip-hop of Stand Up and Without A Doubt, the chilled grooves of TLW Revisited and Jack In The Box, the more soulful sounds of Take A Ride and back again to the block-party laFayette Partytime, Airdrums and The Way I Feel.

It’s the quality of the vocals that always sets Grand Central releases apart from the others.

McKay’s voice is soft and beautiful. The rapping by Profile on Stand Up is tight yet relaxed. Tammy Payne, on Take A Ride, lifts you up above the jittery beats and Retna and Reds lend an expert hand on Without A Doubt.

This is an album of its time, a mix of old and new styles, holding your attention as it flicks back and forth.

It has to be said that the more upbeat of the tunes probably lack longevity, but then most party tunes do.

That’s not to say that it does not maintain its quality all the way through, but from a one-time collaborator of Andy Smith [of Portishead and The Document series fame] I’d expect nothing less.

For me, I know I’ll still be listening to In The City, Stand Up, Take A Ride and Without A Doubt in a years time. For now, though, I think I’ll just enjoy the album as a whole, as it’s meant to be.

With Socrates joining Garforth Town, Dunga investing in QPR and now Boca45’s Pitch Sounds being released, Brazilian football really has arrived in the UK.


Track listing:
1. The Countdown featuring Monkey Moo
2. In The City featuring McKay
3. Ultra!
4. Stand Up featuring Profile
5. TLW Revisited
6. Jack In The Box
7. Take A Ride featuring Tammy Payne
8. Lafayette Partytime
9. Airdrums
10. Without a Doubt featuring MC Retna & MC Reds
11. It's Over

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