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Bodyrockers - BodyRockers

Review: Jack Foley

HAVING broken on to the dance scene thanks to the huge success of their I Like The Way anthem, Bodyrockers are being hailed as one of the hottest prospects to emerge on the dance scene for some time.

I Like The Way combines grungy riffs and post-punk basslines with some menacing vocals that have helped to help turn it into the sort of hands-in-the-air anthem that is a permanent feature of the current dance scene.

Yet it's notable for not relying on the lazy, tired beats of David Morales and co, emerging as a hybrid of both The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, with a little bit of Prodigy thrown in.

The rest of their debut album follows much the same format, though less successfully at times.

Having hit on a winning formula, Dylan Durns and Kaz James threaten to over-egg the pie, tossing in plenty of rock-inspired backdrops to beef up the heady beats and jagged vocals.

Round and Round is a classic example of this given that it could easily go into a remix of I Like The Way, with the same sort of guitar riffs. That it emerges as a sort of ZZ Top hybrid of Sharp Dressed Man and Legs lends it a little more credibility and is sure to appeal to the quick-fix dance crowd.

More encouraging is the album's opening track, Handel On Your Face, which blends some classical music with some gritty beats to impressive effect - although not as impressive as William Orbit.

Dirty is a fun anthem that could have fans bellowing out 'girl you're dirty, but you got a good heart' in the super-clubs of Ibiza, while For One Night Only funks things up a little to emerge as one of the definite highlights (given that it marks something of a departure from the usual formula).

But tracks like Keep Your Boots On feel a little short on inspiration and sound like album fillers.

The clap-happy New York City Girl contains a vibe worthy of the Big Apple, but once again it's followed up by the really rather average Dignity, making the debut album something of a mixed affair that fails to justify the hype surrounding the duo.

Bodyrockers work best in small doses. Their debut album contains a couple of highlights but, on the whole, is a disappointing affair that calls for them to mix it up a little bit more in the future.



Track listing:
1. Handel On Your Face
2. I Like The Way (Full Length Version)
3. Round & Round
4. NYC Girl
5. Dirty
6. For One Night Only
7. You Got Me Singing
8. Dignity
9. I Wanna Live
10. Stuck In A Rut
11. I Like The Way (Junior Jack 'Rock Da House' Club Mix)

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