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Breed 77 - Cultura

Review: Jack Foley

IT'S often the case that heavy rock/metal bands produce their better material when they slow things down.

And this is exactly the case with Breed 77, Britain's very own Pearl Jam wannabes, as exemplified in tracks such as current single, The River.

In slow-building form, Breed 77 take on an altogether different persona - one which is capable of rising to the heights of bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden with a more accomplished style of songwriting.

The River offers terrific value for the rock crowd, blistering guitars, yearning vocals and an expansive soundscape which even brings in a string element towards the end.

But it is quickly offset by more head-banging, headache-inducing material, such as World's On Fire and The Only Ones, which sandwich it in a noisy rock doorstop.

Countless bands can thrash about the place, delivering the adrenaline-propelled guitar solos of metal monsters such as Metallica, but it is the ability to deliver the odd chart-friendly gem that sometimes marks them out as something worth writing about.

Hence, Breed 77's Cultura is something of a mixed bag - flitting between interesting and just plain ordinary with equal measure.

It's packed with the same sort of themes that are guaranteed to appeal to the disaffected teens of their generation, with lyrics such as 'we are the ones who got left behind', but it's also capable of appealing to a much wider listener base.

It also seems tailored towards breaking into America, with some of of its heavier material (and overcooked vocals) matching the headier excesses of the Metallica brigade.

But as a detester of heavy metal, this merely serves to have me reaching for the off button.

I much prefer Cultura when it emulates the likes of Pearl Jam (of whom I am a fan) and Nickelback, as in tracks such as Resurrection and the acoustically-driven Numb.

But most of the time, sadly, Cultura left me feeling like the title of that aforementioned track, that is to say, numb and in need of some headache tablets.

Track listing:
1. Voices
2. Individuo
3. La Ultima Hora
4. A Matter of Time
5. World’s on Fire
6. The River
7. The Only Ones
8. Resurrection
9. Numb
10. Calling Out
11. Eyes That See ’04
12. Oracion Final
13. Breaking the Silence (Acoustic)

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