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Broadway Project - In Finite

Review: Rob Lord

IN Finite is an immense soundscape of an album. The man behind the album, Dan Berridge, has written scores for the BBC and channel 4.

It's movie music – emotional strings and piano build the atmosphere on every track. What makes In Finite different is that it’s also fused with gorgeous saxophone, hip hop beats and searing flute.

Blood In The Temple begins with hard electronic beats driving the track relentlessly until the flute floats above and lifts a dark broody track into summer garden music.

A lot of In Finite sounds a little like DJ Shadow’s Entroducing. Except where Entroducing favours the rough production values, In Finite stays polished. Both benefit from inventive drum breaks brought to life by piano and strings.

The second track of In Finite, I, Partisan, has monks chanting on it. It's reminiscent of the bad old days of Enigma yet far more classy.

As the album progresses it does throw up more than a few surprises. Raga begins a distorted and contorted electronic mess before the constituent parts are sewn together to produce a likeable track.

The whole of In Finite is very listenable and enjoyable – it is not, however, typical Grand Central and not the typical music I listen to.

I like In Finite and if I was ever posh enough to hold a dinner party, I’d play it whilst delicately eating caviar. I’m just not sure I’d play it any other time.


Track listing:
1. K
2. I, Partisan
3. Blood in the temple
4. Countance/Magic mirrors
5. A Japanese Garden
6. Raga
7. Ancient Voices
8. Solar, Lunar
9. Debouch
10. Screwtapes mistake
11. The world
12. Message from the east
13. The 3rd stream

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