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Butterfly Boucher - Flutterby

Review: Heather Metherell

AT THE moment it may seem that the only female musicians Australia produces are pouting, posing popstresses such as Kylie Minogue and Holly Valance. But all this is about to change.

If it’s original song writing and raw musical talent you’re after, look no further than Butterfly Boucher and her debut album, Flutterby.

It is impressive in many ways. From the energy, ideas and fantastic, sparkling songs, to the fact that Butterfly arranged and played every instrument on the album.

There is strength and power to her voice that will wake up your ears after the whispery whining of Dido and her imitators.

After a childhood spent in the remote outback of Australia, Butterfly travelled Europe with her brothers and sisters while they toured and performed in their own ‘street theatre’.

Influences of this are shown in the video to her single ‘I Can’t Make Me’ (which she wrote and directed) as Butterfly mimes her love/hate relationship with the microphone, surrounded by a playful Greek chorus.

‘I Can’t Make Me’ is probably the most poppy of the tracks on the album, but is outstanding nevertheless. A twinkling piano plays over strict rhythmical guitars, which lead into a melody so catchy you will be humming it for days.

Another White Dash has a little more bite. The verse trips you up with the syncopated rhythm played to dark electric guitars, contrasting completely with the melody happily sailing away on flurrying strings for the chorus.

Other great tracks include Soul Back, and A Walk Outside, both of which show off multi-instrumental talents to the full.

It would be sad to see Butterfly dismissed as ‘another girl with a guitar’; it’s quite clear from this debut that she is much more than that.

Her music is tuneful enough to appeal to fans of more mainstream artists, but has a unique edge to it that sets her and this wonderful debut album apart.

Track listing:
1. Life Is Short
2. Can You See The Lights?
3. I Can't Make Me
4. Another White Dash
5. Soul Back
6. A Walk Outside
7. Never Leave Your Heart Alone
8. Busy
9. A Beautiful Book
10. Don't Point, Don't Scare It
11. Never Let It Go
12. Drift On
13. For A Song (Non-LP Version)
14. Gift Wrap (Non-LP Version)

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