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Caesars - Paper Tigers

Review: Jack Foley

TELEVISION advertising has helped to provide a much-needed breakthrough for countless bands in recent times, so it's only fitting that Sweden's Caesars should be the latest band to benefit.

Their signature tune, Jerk It Out, seems to be everywhere at the moment, in light of forming the high profile TV and cinema campaign for Apple’s new iPod Shuffle, as well as the soundtrack for the Fifa 2004 PlayStation game.

Its belated success is richly deserved, given the way it combines punchy, 60's flavoured slabs of scuzzy guitars and Inspiral Carpets-style organs with an alluring vocal style and sing-along chorus.

It has an energy that’s hard to ignore and which really should have been embraced when it was released as part of the band's original 2003 album, 39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World).

Fortunately, for those who missed out on the delights of that indie classic, Caesars have stepped back into the limelight with a follow-up, the equally catchy Paper Tigers (which wisely includes Jerk It Out).

Hence, anyone who digs the old-school indie style of that single really ought to run out and buy the new long-player, given that it's a melodic, joyful throwback to the early Nineties that also incorporates some excellent guitar riffs from the Sixties and Seventies.

Think The Bees mixed with The Inspirals, with some Beatles and Doors thrown in, and you might have some idea of what to expect.

Highlights include the breezy, 60s psychedelia of Out There (a surefire contender for a future single release), the edgy Doors-inspired organ-filled May The Rain, and the the soulful My Heart Is Breaking Down, which manages to find a little joy in the darkest of themes.

Title track, Paper Tigers, is another instant success, building delightfully to its soaring chorus that just screams out to be sung along with. If anything, it's probably the best track on the album.

Yet the whole LP is such a breezy affair that it's really difficult to pick out a fault.

Your Time Is Near, for instance, contains the sort of melodies that Lennon and McCartney would be proud to call their own, while the clap-happy beats of Throwaway seem designed with foot-tapping in mind.

The slower, more deliberate Winter Song includes some mellotron to demonstrate the band's growing musical diversity, while the driving rhythm of Soulchaser is simply brilliant.

There's even a hint of Stone Roses in the glorious guitar riffs of Good and Gone, which provide a nice backdrop to the 60s-laced vocals.

All of which serves to ensure that Caesars' Paper Tigers is well worth shouting about - even if it's taken a re-release to put them on the map.


Track listing:
1. Spirit
2. Not That Fall That Hurts
3. Out There
4. Jerk It Out
5. May The Rain
6. My Heart Is Breaking Down
7. Paper Tigers
8. Your Time Is Near
9. Throwaway
10. Winter Song
11. We Got To Leave
12. Soul Chaser
13. Good and Gone
14. (I’m Gonna) Kick You Out

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