City of God - Original Score by Antonio Pinto and Ed Cortes

Review by Dean Allen

WITH the film slowly making waves in cinemas across the country and critically claimed as the 'Brazilian Goodfellas' does it have a soundtrack to match? The answer is an astounding yes; but don't go expecting a barrage of Brazilian gangster tunes.

Pinto and Cortes have instead created the score themselves and have clearly been listening to David Holmes at his best. Imagine the funk-fuelled grooves that Holmes creates, but with a South American feel, and you'll be some way to what City of God is like.

Combining authentic retro tunes of the 60's with the new upbeat grooves of the 80's, the soundtrack moves along at a cracking pace through the decades. From the original samba rhythms of the 60's; the funk-samba of the 70's, and the darker, somber section for the late 70's, an entire world has been created.

With some word-of-mouth, this could become the next Buena Vista Social Club. Trust us, this is what you'll be hearing at every bar and dinner party for the next year.

Track listings:

1. Meu nome e Ze – Ed Cortes & Antonio Pinto
2. Vida de Otario – Ed Cortes & Antonio Pinto
3. Funk de Virada – Antonio Pinto
4. Estoria da Boca - Ed Cortes & Antonio Pinto
5. Na Rua, na Chuva, na Fazenda - Hyldon
6. A Transa – Antonio Pinto
7. Matamorfose Ambulante – Raul Seixas
8. Nem Vem que Nao Tem – Simonal
9. Preciso me Encontrar – Cartola
10. Alvorada – Cartola
11. Convite para Vida – Antonio Pinto, S. Jorge wt Fabio Goes
12. No Caminho do Bem – Tim Maia
13. Morte Ze Pequeno – Ed Cortes et Antonio Pinto
14. Batatcuda – DJ Camillo & DJ Yah (remix)

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