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Club AC30 presents Never Lose That Feeling: Vol.1

Review: Jack Foley

NEVER Lose That Feeling #1 is the first volume of three 16-track compilation CDs of contemporary artists covering noisy indie classics from the late 80s and early 90s.

Classic work from the likes of Spiritualized, Ride and Swervedriver are covered by some of the emerging bands of the moment, such as Andrew Kenny, Hinterland and Amusement Parks on Fire.

The compilation is the work of Club AC30 which spins some similarly choice cuts every Wednesday night from 7pm to 12am at Leonards in EC1.

And, for the most part, it's an exceptionally good record, offering some genuinely worthwhile re-interpretations of past indie classics.

Volume 1 kicks off with Andrew Kenny's brooding version of Spiritualized's Angel Sigh, turning an already epic track into something even more hypnotic and stoned.

It's starkly poignant and hints at a dark beauty that makes further discovery of Kenny's own work worth considering.

Further highlights include Trouble Everyday's rousing intepretation of Slowdive's When The Sun Hits, with its echoed vocals and screeching guitar outbursts.

The brilliantly named Amusement Parks on Fire give a suitably energetic workout to My Bloody Valentine's You Made Me Realise, while Airiel come over all Doves on Swervedriver's Blowin' Cool with its epic soundscapes and expansive chorus.

Televise successfully recapture the early 90s indie sound with their version of Ultra Vivid Scene's shoe-gazer, Mercy Seat (hinting at the style of the Jesus & Mary Chain into the bargain), while the lush melodies of Slowdive's Alison provide the inspiration for some truly summery guitar riffs from Douglas Heart.

Lush's For Love cover feels like an amalgamation of The Sundays and Ladytron in Hinterland's capable hands, while South Ambulance provide an enchantingly poppy version of the Pale Saints' Kinky Love.

Never Lose That Feeling is brought to a close with a supremely atmospheric version of Catherine Wheel's Black Metallic by Plumbline thereby ensuring that the feel-good vibe of the early 90s indie scene remains intact and updated for a new generation to enjoy.

Indie fans should rejoice in this clever little nostalgia trip, while also heading on down to the club night as well.

Track listing:
1. Angel Sigh - Kenny, Andrew
2. Coast Is Clear - Windermere
3. When The Sun Hits - Trouble Everyday
4. You Made Me Realise - Amusement Parks On Fire
5. Blowin' Cool - Airiel
6. Never Click - Echo Orbiter
7. Mercy Seat - Televise
8. Suzanne - Air Formation
9. Alison - Heart, Douglas
10. For Love - Hinterland
11. Kinky Love - South Ambulance
12. Drive Blind - Heliconia
13. Son Of A Mustang Ford - Feeling Good Conspiracy
14. Perfect Needle - Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa
15. Frozen - Audio Transparent
16. Black Metallic - Plumbline

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