It's no Trouble at all listening to Coldplay

Review by Paul White

FROM the very moment play is pressed, you enter the mind, thoughts and sparkle of Coldplay.

Parachutes, the band's first album, arrived with as much potential as any other released this year, but it has double the staying power.

The album begins with Don't Panic, a good start track with its shuffle drum track and beautifully echoing delayed guitar. The vocals are mesmeric and the lyrics are very enchanting.

Shiver and Yellow are the singles released so far (Yellow, in particular, stands out) with Trouble set to become another timeless classic.

All the way through this album you can hear familiar distant signs of the likes of Simon & Garfunkle or early Verve (both divine influences indeed). Parachutes also absolutely shouts at the top of its voice that it has originality, personality and that it is at the top of its class, despite being Coldplay's first long player.

It is a classy album for classy people.

1. Don't Panic
2. Shiver
3. Spies
4. Sparks
5. Yellow
6. Trouble
7. Parachutes
8. High Speed
9. We Never Change
10. Everything's Not Lost