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Daniel Powter - Daniel Powter

Review: Jack Foley

DANIEL Powter looks set to have quite a few good days following the success of his breakthrough single, Bad Day.

The track has enjoyed massive success across mainland Europe and helped turn Powter, a Canadian singer and keyboard player, into something of a household name.

The self-titled debut album follows pretty much the same format - heartfelt songs, passionately song, with pop-driven beats and plenty of keyboards.

The style is vaugely reminiscent of David Gray and James Blunt, with a touch of Coldplay and Keane thrown in for good measure, although there is nothing on the album that registers as strongly as anything on X&Y.

That said, for an album that seems written with the charts in mind, it delivers an engaging listen that hints at plenty of promise for the future.

Powter's vocals are strong, occasionally adopting a falsetto style (reminiscent of Macy Gray!), that help to break up the sound.

Lie To Me, for instance, is an upbeat track that is sung in almost a scream, yet it doesn't veer into glam-rock territory like The Darkness.

The powerful Jimmy Gets High is another stand-out, delivered in a genuinely passionate style and boasting some suitably emotive lyrics.

Impressive, too, is the oddly-named Styrofoam, a bleak self-portrait that resonates with the same intensity of a Keane track (especially in its use of piano).

While Hollywood is a cool fusion of soulful jazz that's about as nasty a depiction of showbiz sleaze as you've ever heard.

Bad Day, of course, will become the anthem for the album - courtesy of its instantly catchy chorus and knowing sentiment which will probably resonate with everyone at some stage in their lives.

It's sure to have everyone singing along, much like REM's Everybody Hurts - only more upbeat.

Whether the sentiment remains with Powter much longer remains to be seen, however, given that world-wide success surely beckons.

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Track listing:
1. Song 6
2. Free Loop
3. Bad Day
4. Suspect
5. Lie To Me
6. Jimmy Gets High
7. Styrofoam
8. Hollywood
9. Lost On The Stoop
10. Give Me Life

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