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David Holmes - Bow Down To The Exit Sign

Review: Jack Foley

For me, one of the singles of the year 2000 was David Holmes' 69 Police - a lively, instantly catchy, class act of a single which got into your sub-conscious and refused to let go.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I came to listen to the album - Bow Down To The Exit Sign.

But, sad to say, apart from the occasional highpoint, Holmes's latest largely disappoints, featuring very few tracks to really rave about.

When it's good, it can be very good; yet on the whole the album is a brave, original, but ultimately inaccessible collection of beats, most of which don't really warrant repeat listening.

Tracks such as Live From The Peppermint Store, Compared To What and Incite A Riot seem largely content to build towards later highpoints, making the album a rather frustrating experience.

Yet for those willing to take a risk, there are some rewards. The aforementioned 69 Police is a worthy addition to any album, while Bad Thing (featuring a collaboration with Jon Spencer) is a deliciously moody, slow builder which rates up there among the best of last year's dance tracks.

The presence of Bobby Gillespie (of Primal Scream) is also welcomed on several occasions, while the final track, Hey Lisa, is a real humdinger - featuring a very moody beat and some quite enchanting background strings.

It is at moments like this that the album is really worth having - I'm just glad I picked it up in the sales rather than forking out the normal price for it.

An acquired taste, which only rarely reaches the standards set by its one and only single....

Track listing:
1. Live from The Peppermint Store - David Holmes
2. Live from The Peppermint Store - feat. Carl Hancock Rux
3. Sick city - feat. Bobby Gillespie
4. Sonny's apt 2am - David Holmes
5. Sonny's apt 2am - feat. Jon Spencer
6. Drexler loses it
7. Incite a riot
8. 69 Police
9. Out run - feat. Martina Toppley-Bird
10. Living room - feat. Carl Hancock Rux
11. Midnight at the PCP factory
12. Slip your skin - feat. Bobby Gillespie
13. Zero tolerance - feat. Martina Toppley-Bird
14. Commercial break
15. Hey Lisa

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