Kitt spends time on Hope St looking for success

Review by Jack Foley

TRYING TO pigeon-hole the sound of any new band/artist can be a little unfair - but it can also be extremely effective in getting them some attention.

Take David Kitt, for example. The Irish singer/songwriter's debut single, Song From Hope Street, was played on XfM a lot last year and is available - but just try going out there and finding it. Yet if I told you that if you like David Gray, Badly Drawn Boy or even Turin Brakes, then you might sit up and take notice.

Kitt's work follows the same simple but effective formula of the aforementioned artists. Well written, strong songs backed by effective, simple beats and acoustic guitars.

Song From Hope Street, the opening track on the album, is a classic case in point.

Great lyrics, backed by a great voice, and some subtle but well used instruments make this the type of track you will want to keep coming back to. Ideal for any type of mood, it will either have you thinking, or singing along.

Not as depressing as, say, Radiohead or Gray, the track is a gem just waiting to be discovered by a wider listening base.
And for anyone willing to take a chance, or who puts faith in these reviews, Kitt's album, The Big Romance, is well worth a listen. Hell, you can even recommend it and say you discovered it first.

Tracks such as Pale Blue Light, the beautifully crafted Strange Light In The Evening, and the similarly lengthily worded Whispers Return the Sun Rest the Moon are brilliant and they do evoke memories of Gray's White Ladder.

They are the type of tunes which catch you from the start and beg you to keep listening. By the second time round, you'll probably be humming along to them.

Kitt, according to those XfM DJs we like and listen to so much, is already attracting a lot of interest within the music industry and it could only be a matter of time before he is given his big break. On the strength of this album, let's hope so.

1) Song from Hope St (Brooklyn NY)
2) You know what I want to know
3) Step outside in the morning light
4) Private dance
5) Pale Blue Light
6) What I ask
7) Strange light in the evening
8) Whispers return the sun rest the moon
9) You and the city
10) Into the breeze