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Deadman - Our Eternal Ghosts

Review: Jack Foley

TEXAN duo, Deadman, describe their style of songwriting as 'Texas music' that's light years removed from the honky-tonk stereotypes.

Indeed, their PR goes so far as to state that Our Eternal Ghosts could be 'a sonic and thematic descendent of U2's classic Joshua Tree'.

Yet it's nowehere near as good as U2's seminal work, despite starting strongly.

Too much of the latter part of the album plods along and feels too self-important (featuring gospel-tinged tracks such as Brother and Absalom! Absalom!).

It's a shame, given the undeniable quality of early tracks such as When The Music's Not Forgotten and the album highlight, Won't Be Long.

The former is a heartfelt ode to some of the great musicians who've died over the past few years, including June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash (it was recorded on the day of his passing), and features a quietly mesmerising vocal trade-off between Steve and Sherilyn Collins.

Indeed, in some of the guitar riffs and aching male vocals, there are traces of Joshua Tree U2 but they disappear the longer the album continues.

Won't Be Long, meanwhile, is dripping with style - a lonely piano setting things in motion, before yet more atmospheric vocals take hold. It's an epic, emotive listen that really inspires.

Sadly, the album fails to realise such heights again.

Sad Ole Geronimo includes some nice guitar solos and probably marks Deadman at their rockiest, but from then on in it's a plodding affair that feels a little over-earnest.

A disappointment.


Track listing:
1. When The Music's Not Forgotten
2. Won't Be Long
3. Brother John
4. Werewolves
5. The Monsters Of Goya
6. Sad Ole Geronimo
7. Slow Dance
8. Absalom! Absalom!
9. Love Will Guide You Home
10. Brother

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