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Death in Vegas - The Contino Sessions

Review: Jack Foley

CRITICALLY acclaimed and rightly so, the latest release from Death In Vegas - entitled The Contino Sessions - is a superb mixture of big beat rock featuring some very strong vocal guest appearances.

The Contino Sessions has been nominated for several awards since its release last year (including the coveted Mercury Music Prize), while two tracks have enjoyed chart success and several have appeared in adverts or on movie soundtracks.

And listening to it, it's easy to hear why.

This is an incredibly diverse album featuring a mixture of styles which makes every track as surprising as it is varied.

Dirge, the track which can currently be heard on Levis' twisty jeans album, is a suitably moody start, a slow builder combining elements of electronica with rock and which appears in an extended format to the one released as a single.

It is followed by the quite brilliant Soul Auctioneer, a collaboration between Death In Vegas and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie, which is all dirty beats and tough, unflinching lyrics.

Lines like "eggs bearing insects hatching in my mind" make for hard listening, yet they are compulsive and Gillespie's voice perfectly brings out the best in them.

Big beat, rock and techno collide with attitude on Flying, which manages to be mellow, moody and magnificent, while Iggy Pop crops up for Aisha, the first track to be released as a single and which still sounds fresh and exciting today.

After Aisha, the album takes a far more mellow direction, with Aladdin's Story standing out as one of the album's best moments.

The inclusion of the London Community Gospel Choir providing vocals which have been mixed by Dot Allison only add to the classy feel of the CD.

It is a soulful track which demands repeat listening.

Last, but by no means least, is Neptune City, an upbeat finale which evokes memories of the Chemical Brothers' Private Psychedelic Reel - making The Contino Sessions an instant classic and an essential addition to any big beat collection.


Track listing:
1. Dirge (Feat. Dot Allison)
2. Soul Auctioneer (Feat. Bobby Gillespie)
3. Death Threat
4. Flying
5. Aisha (Feat. Iggy Pop)
6. Lever Street
7. Aladdin's Story
8. Broken Little Sister (Feat. Jim Reid)
9. Neptune City

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