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DJ Shadow - In Tune and on Time

Review: Jack Foley

"I'VE never done a tour I've been so proud of, such one that I felt the need for it to be preserved in any way," insists DJ Shadow, as he prepares to unleash his first live album on the record-buying public.

The show, recorded at London's Brixton Academy, as part of the world-wide Private Press tour of 2002, is a mesmerising demonstration of the magic of Shadow - a jaw-dropping, spine-tingling collection of classics, featuring album cuts, rare remixes, Unkle collaborations and well-chosen samples.

In short, it is a DJ-ing masterclass; a celebration of all things Shadow, which is a must-have for anyone who attended the Brixton show, not to mention anyone with an appreciation for anything the artist has done.

Usually, live albums can sound a little echo-laden, or only work best for those who were at the gigs themselves, but In Tune and on Time transcends such barriers to become a virtual greatest hits compendium, packed with delicious crossovers.

We're talking the Private Press mixed with Psyence Fiction, mixed with Blackalicious (Halfway Home) and the Handsome Boy Modeling School (Holy Calamity).

And then there's the scratching - Shadow can work those turntables like no other, and whether it's simply listening to his slick handwork, or seeing it in action (courtesy of the live DVD), it can't fail to have you spellbound.

In Tune and on Time is a truly cinematic experience, and a celebration of Shadow's music to date - and he can remain justifiably proud of the achievement.

In DVD format, the visuals are carefully matched to each song in Shadow's set, where he plays not only in time, but - far more challengingly - also in tune.

The DVD will delight all Shadow fans with its unique format.

In Tune and on Time is cut with an 'intermission' featuring candid, on-the-road footage from various countries, vox pops with fans and a montage of crowd stills.

Fans will also find DVD's extras, which include a battle on MPCs between Cut Chemist and DJ NuMark, in LA at the MYAN Theatre, and Malcolm Catto in Detroit.

In Tune and On Time captures the extraordinary intensity of DJ Shadow's live show in a startlingly visually dynamic manner.

The filming techniques recreate the feeling of actually being inside Brixton Academy, rather than simply watching a recording of the event on a 2-D screen at home.

The DVD manages to live up to its claim of freeze-framing history - just long enough for anyone not lucky enough to be with DJ Shadow on October 19, 2002, to realise exactly what they were missing.

The DVD package comes in a collectable digipack, and includes an audio CD of the live set, and this release is also available on gatefold vinyl.

Either format will be a must for the many fans that have bought bootlegs of his live shows and DJ sets over the last few years.

There really is no excuse not to own it.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Fixed Income (Medley)
3. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2 Medley)
4. In Flux (In Tune and On Time)
5. Un Autre Introduction (In Tune and On Time)
6. Walkie Talkie (Medley)
7. Drums Of Death
8. Lonely Soul
9. Lost & Found
10. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3)
11. Mutual Slump
12. Stem/Long Stem

Disc: 2
1. Reconstruction Medley
2. Holy Calamity by Handsome Boy Modeling School
3. The Third Decade, Our Move
4. Halfway Home by Blackalicious (Produced by DJ Shadow)
5. The Number Song
6. Organ Donor
7. Mashin' On the Motorway
8. Blood On The Motorway
9. Napalm Brain/Outro

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