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The Document II (DJ Andy Smith)

Review: Jack Foley

ALBUMS don't get much funkier than The Document II, an album of breaks, beats, and grooves from former Portishead DJ, Andy Smith.

Merging the likes of Eric B & Rakim with the Quantic Soul Orchestra, and James Brown with Kate Bush, Smith's booty-licious dance album is a rare treat from beginning to end; a hot collection of funk, hip-hop and soulful rock which can't fail to put a smile on your face.

Smith has, once again, delved into his enviable collection of 12s and 45s to put together a truly great party experience - one which comes devoid of the more grander excesses of latter-day DJ Shadow, but which manages to skillfully evoke memories of mix albums, such as Shadow and Cut Chemist's BrainFreeze compilations.

Kicking off with the sweet, tender vocals of Kate Bush's The Man With The Child In His Eyes, the album then declares its intentions with a near-perfect drum beat to ease things into Craig G's Welcome to the Game and then James Brown's Lowdown Popcorn.

But it is the mix of the familiar mix anthems and slightly more off-kilter choices that makes The Document II so much fun.

Jack Jones' hopelessly old-school I'll Never Fall In Love Again is, for instance, given some kick with another well-chosen selection of beats, before bursting into Erik B and Rakim's street-smart No Omega, which couldn't be more different in style if it tried.

That the crossover works as well as it does, comes down to Smith's skill with the vinyl, for there isn't a moment which fails or feels lazy.

It's as though the DJ set out to create the ultimate party atmosphere and succeeds.

This has no underlying message, therefore, just a heartfelt desire to entertain the masses, providing the type of soundtrack to an evening which George Clooney's Ocean's Eleven crew might get down to when they're not planning a casino heist.

So funky it hurts, you'll be strutting your stuff for hours on end with repeat plays.


Track listing:
1. Kate Bush - The Man With The Child In His Eyes
2. Craig G - Welcome To The Game (Inst.)
3. James Brown - Lowdown Popcorn
4. Akbar - Hot Ya Hot
5. Mr Lif - The Unorthodox
6. Three Dog Night - I Can Hear You Calling
7. Patti Drew - Hard To Handle
8. DJ Bombjack - Big Beat No.3
9. Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un C...
10. Martin Brew - Sand Steppin'
11. Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
12. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Super 8
13. The Sugarman 3 - Funky So And So
14. Ultramagnetic MC's - Give the Drummer Some
15. Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - Music Talk
16. Barbara Randolph - Can I Get A Witness
17. Dynamo Productions - Showtime
18. Major Force - Re-Return Of The Original Artform (Cut Chemist Mix)
19. Jack Jones - I'll Never Fall In Love Again (The Andy Smith one channel Re-edit)
20. Eric B & Rakim - No Omega
21. Boca 45 - Gather Round
22. Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers - Boogaloo No.3
23. Five By Five - Fire
24. Barbara Acklin - Am I The Same Girl

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