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Donny Osmond - What I Meant To Say

Review: Jack Foley

HE'S been dubbed the original Pop Idol, given that he's been around since the Seventies, so it's little wonder to find that Donny Osmond's latest long-player is a particularly wretched affair.

Ballad-laden, to the point of being sickening, What I Meant To Say is designed to continue Osmond's comeback following the success of his 2002 effort, Somewhere In Time.

Instead, it merely serves as a reminder of why the whole Pop Idol thing ought to be abandoned, outright.

Owing much in style to the safe pop style of latter-day George Michael, the album even goes so far as to cover one of the former Wham! star's best records in a seriously lamentable fashion.

You'd think that Osmond might have a little more to bring to a recording session, but even his PR is curiously light on insights into his inspirations.

It boasts the claim that What I Meant To Say marks Donny's debut as a singer-songwriter, proudly stating that he has written ten out of the 14 tracks on the album.

It also states that, through his time spent working with former Take That star, Gary Barlow, and Eliot Kennedy, he discovered an unorthodox method of songwriting that helped to produce his recent single, Breeze on By.

"We would start writing each song in my studio at home, which overloooks my swimming pool," he states. "Then I'd pipe the first verse and the chorus through the speakers that surround the pool and we'd all jump in and write the second verse in the water."

Impressive? Or merely a lame excuse to brag about Donny's home comforts.

Unfortunately, it would seem that originality was drowned in the pool, for this is hopelessly generic stuff.

Imagine the worst Pop Idol album, packed with one tireless ballad after another, punctuated only by the odd cover version - done badly.

George Michael's Faith, for instance, has been slowed down and completely ruined, while Foreigner's I Wanna Know What Love Is has been given a painful makeover - as if done by a Vegas lounge singer.

The new material isn't much better, sticking rigidly to a bland formula that is supposedly designed to make the housewives' swoon.

And to cap it all, there's even a woeful festive offering, in the form of Christmas Time, which is supposed to warm the heart; but which chills to the bone instead.

What I guess I'm trying to say is avoid this like the plague!



Track listing:
1. Breeze On By
2. Keep Her in Mind
3. In it For Love
4. I Wanna Know What Love Is
5. My perfect rhyme
6. Faith
7. What I Meant To Say
8. Whenever You're in Trouble
9. Shoulda' Known Better
10. Broken Man
11. This Guys in Love With You
12. Insecurity
13. One Dream
14. Christmas Time

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