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Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio - Love is the Answer

Review: Jack Foley

THE intentions of Dwight Trible's Love Is The Answer are so worthy that it's difficult to criticise, since he genuinely believes that love is the answer to cure the world's ills.

Sadly, the mix of Sixties-inspired avant garde and spiritual jazz fused with modern hip-hop beats failed to inspire me as much as it should.

The overdose of worthy sentiment becomes a little cloying, given that several of the tracks are built around the same vocal loops ('try love', or 'love is music, peace is music' on Is Music), and minimalist beats.

A lot of the material also sounds the same and is too jazz-based rather than hip-hop friendly, ultimately failing to merge musical mediums as well as it might.

It's a shame because Dwight Trible and The Life Force Trio are signed to the Ninja Tunes label and boast a pretty heavyweight line-up.

Trible, himself, is a Los Angeles native who has worked with everyone from Bobby Hutcherson and Charles Lloyd to Harry Belafonte.

He is the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and the vocal director for the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (an LA institution with a history stretching back 40 years).

Love Is The Answer marks his collaboration with the multi-talented Carlos Nino (a fellow Ninja label-mate better known as Ammoncontact), who became so enthused by the power of Trible's vision that he immediately set about making it possible to work together.

Hence, Love Is The Answer is packed with musical collaborations, from former single, Euipoise, on which Sa-Ra revisits 80s synth-funk, to the boom-bap of The 10th Jewel, on which Brother J of X-Clan fame lends his talent.

The mix seldom gels as well as it might, though, in my opinion, emerging as one long self-important jamming session that fails to produce many truly idiosyncratic moments.

The more straight-forward rap of I Was Born On Planet Rock is a definite highlight, as is the slightly more urgent Musician's Union, during which Ammoncontact contributes a more memorable beat.

Scott Herren's satisfying piano loop provides a nice backdrop to Constellations as well - but most of the highlights arrived far too late to save the album for me.

It's a shame but I have to confess that this love-filled album proved difficult for me to love.

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Track listing:
1. Blast Off
2. Equipoise
3. Freedom Dance
4. The Rhythm
5. Waves Of Infinite Harmony
6. A Love Supreme
7. The 10th Jewel
8. Try Love
9. Love Is The Answer
10. Rise
11. Life Force
12. Is Music
13. I Was Born on Planet Rock
14. Antiquity
15. Musicians Union
16. Constellations
17. Cellestial Blues

Bonus Instrumental CD:
1. The 10th Jewel
2. Rise
3. Is Music
4. Music Is
5. Waves of Infinite Harmony (vox)
6. Waves of Infinite Harmony
7. Life Force
8. Otherworldly
9. Love Is The Answer

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