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Eamon - I Don't Want You Back

Review: Jack Foley

THE ability to swear lots, and use controversial lyrics, may seem like a good way to garner notoriety (particularly for an artist so young), but it's a shallow exercise in self-promotion which, at the end of the day, fails to mask a lack of talent.

Eamon is billed as the latest New York hip-hop/r'n'b sensation, mainly due to the fact that his breakthrough single, Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) spent nine weeks at the US number one spot.

His publicity even credits him with masterminding what the artist, himself, believes will be a much copied new genre: 'ho-wop'. Let's hope not, for this is extremely tedious indeed.

Some of the beats on the album are half-decent, but there is a precociousness about the singer which feels unwarranted, particularly given the lacklustre vocals (some of the time).

Eamon may pride himself on his ability to out-cuss Eminem, but it makes for a pretty shallow record, while many of the grooves are blatantly ripped off from classic soul and r'n'b records of the past (such as I Want Them Ho's (Ho-Whoop) or I Want You So Bad.

So while some of the beats and melodies work, lyrics such as 'I'll get you wet, just wait and see', during the so-called ballad, I Want You So Bad, just feel crass.

And while someone like Janet Jackson might get away with such explicit material on her latest album, she seems more experienced and better placed to deliver her vocal seductions than some 19-year-old Staten Island upstart with attitude for the sake of it.

Tracks such as Get Off My Dick and I Rather Fuck With You don't help, either.

There are traces of the lyrical style of some of his idols (most notably, the Wu Tang Clan and Beastie Boys) but they only serve to highlight what he is - a young pretender to an out of reach throne.

The Kiss FM crowd and teenage fan club seduced by the 'provocative' sentiments of Fuck It may dig it, but anyone else might just feel Eamon should f**k off and grow up a bit.


Track listing:
1. Intro
2. I Want Them Ho's (Ho-Whoop)
3. Somethin' Strange
4. On & On
5. Fuck It
6. Get off My Dick
7. Girl Act Right
8. My Baby's Lost
9. I Want You So Bad
10. 4 The Rest of Your Life
11. All Over You
12. Controversy
13. Lo Rida
14. I Rather Fuck With You
15. Finally

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