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Elizabethtown OST

Review: Jack Foley

ONE thing's pretty much guaranteed with any Cameron Crowe movie - the soundtrack will be great.

Vanilla Sky - his last movie - featured an eclectic line-up including Sir Paul McCartney, REM, The Chemical Brothers and The Monkees, while earlier efforts such as Jerry Maguire boasted The Who, Elvis Presley, Aimee Mann, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

Petty returns for Elizabethtown, the soundtrack to the film starring Orlando Bloom, and adds to another tantalising mix of past and modern rock classics that have all influenced the former Rolling Stone contributor in some way.

The film chronicles the journey of self-recovery taken by Bloom's shoe designer who, having just cost his company $1 billion, is suicidal but forced to return home to help bury his recently deceased father.

En route, he meets Kirsten Dunst's kooky airline stewardess and an unlikely relationship ensues that just might save him.

The soundtrack is reflective of Bloom's journey, featuring plenty of familiar classics, as well as some excellent tracks that you know you might have heard somewhere but can't place where!

Highlights include Ryan Adams' sublime Come Pick Me Up, a typically melancholic piece that resonates with the quality we have come to expect from the artist, Helen Stellar's dreamy, piano-heavy I.O. (This Time Around), Wheat's upbeat Don't I Hold You (one for the romantics), and The Hombres' party classic Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out), which should have you shuffling along with its excellent, easygoing riffs (it's been covered several times).

Tom Petty's Square One and It'll All Work Out are classic slices of American rock which, in Cameron Crowe's own words, are perfectly suited to the sort of road trip that brings the film to a close.

"It’s like Kirsten says in the movie: “Roll down your window, some music just needs air”. That’s Petty," he explained.

Needless to say, the Elizabethtown soundtrack would made an excellent companion piece for any forthcoming road trips, or a terrific listen for anyone who fancies chilling out to some classic tracks.

Crowe knows his stuff when creating mood music and given the personal and reflective nature of his latest bittersweet movie, it's fair to say that Elizabethtown delivers something to suit all occasions.

What's more, it stands up on its own for those who haven't even seen the movie, delivering a veritable treasure trove for anyone who likes that classic rock sound.

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Track listing:
1. 60b: Elizabethtown Theme - Nancy Wilson
2. It'll All Work Out - Tom Petty
3. My Father's Gun - Elton John
4. I.O. - Helen Stellar
5. Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams
6. Where To Begin - My Morning Jacket
7. Long Ride Home - Patti Griffin
8. Sugar Blue - Jeff Finlin
9. Don’t I Hold You - Wheat
10. Shut Us Down - Lindsey Buckingham
11. Let It All Hang Out - Hombres
12. Hard Times- Eastmountainsouth
13. Jesus Was A Crossmaker - The Hollies
14. Square One - Tom Petty
15. Same In Any Language - I-9

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